***We use the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in our formula!***
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About bulk-essiac-tea.com

Owned and operated by
Gina and Bryan Paulhus

The Paulhus family has been selling essiac since 1986. Gina and Bryan Paulhus took their essiac business online in 2004. We created this website so that everyone could enjoy quality essiac tea that is the same as you would find at any reputable health food store--but for a fraction of the cost.

Our Family Has Been Healed By Essiac

Gina Paulhus takes essiac regularly. At one point she was so sick that she had to undergo two emergency abdominal surgeries due to bowel obstructions. Her autoimmune, digestive, and circulatory health has been greatly improved while using essiac.

Bryan Paulhus takes essiac on an as-needed basis. If he is feeling run down or has a cold he takes up to 18 oz. per day. If he has an asthma attack he also takes up to 18 oz. per day. His health improves almost immediately when he takes essiac as a remedy. It is helpful for his asthma attacks as well.

Sonny Paulhus, Bryan's father, came down with lung cancer in 2003. He didn't want to take essiac at first and tried chemotherapy. The chemo made him very sick and he decided to stop. Sonny started on 9 oz. of essiac per day. His check-up in 2004 indicated no cancer. He has been cancer-free to this day, and continues with his 9 oz. per day regimen.

From Mail Order to Online

Bryan has manufactured and sold essiac for years, but it wasn't until tech-savy Gina came into his life that the online business was launched. Gina was so impressed with the results folks were enjoying with the essiac that she wanted to help grow the business. She began building this website and she and Bryan decided that they would like to sell this herbal tea at a steep discount online so that essiac tea could be more affordable to everyone.

Our Mission

Our top priority is to be able to supply people with affordable, high-quality essiac. We are able to keep our prices low by selling via the internet directly from our warehouse and by purchasing our high-quality, organic herbs in bulk. We do not carry other products--all of our resources and attention are devoted to essiac. Our herbs are always fresh because we sell our entire inventory approximately every thirty days. Our low cost is due to our volume of sales and our hard work setting up favorable business arrangements with our suppliers--it's NOT due to poor quality. In fact, the only way we can make a profit is for our customers to return to us when it is time to re-order. We strive for top-notch quality in our essiac and in our customer service at all times. We always use certified organic, non-irradiated, chemical and pesticide-free herbs. Each order is individually mixed on a daily basis immediately before packaging. Our formula includes no added chemicals or any additional substances other than the eight herbs: blessed thistle, burdock root, kelp, red clover, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, turkey rhubarb root, and watercress.

This eight herb essiac formula has led to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. Dr. Charles Brusch and Rene Caisse researched a variety of eight herb formulas and found them to be superior to four herb blends. We carry only eight herb essiac on this website. Dr. Brusch has stated, "Clinically, on patients suffering from pathologically proven cancer, [essiac] reduces pain and causes a recession in the growth; patients have gained weight and shown an improvement in their general health...Remarkably beneficial results were obtained even on those cases at the 'end of the road' where it proved to prolong life and the quality of that life...The doctors do not say that Essiac is a cure, but they do say it is of benefit."

We feel it is important that this alternative treatment used by many afflicted with cancer, diabetes, chronic pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other health problems is available to the public for a fair and reasonable price. The truth is that the average retailer makes a huge profit margin on essiac. At bulk-essiac-tea.com, we are accepting a much lower profit margin, but we believe that we will make up for that by getting more orders than any other essiac supplier. We are confident that we have the highest-quality product at a great price, and believe that it's just a matter of time before more and more people find out about us. The success of our business model will depend on repeat orders, which means that quality control and responsive customer service are top priorities.

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