Essiac tea has been helpful
to many animals with cancer.

***We use the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in our formula!***

Essiac tea may lead to improved health and well-being in animals with cancer for a number of reasons. Essiac tea may serve as a detoxifier, a general health supplement, and immune-booster for your pet or farm animal in a number of ways.

Essiac tea may:
1. Increase the production of antibodies that will help fight disease.

2. Protect cells against free radicals.

3. Strengthen muscles.

4. Improve the function of organs and tissues.

5. Assist in removing toxic accumulation in the body, partly by facilitating colon health and encouraging healthy elimination.

6. Strengthen bones.

7. Strengthen lungs.

8. Increase the flexibility of the muscles and joints.

Essiac also may help reduce or purge the body of abnormal growths and tumors that may develop in your animal, whether they be cancerous or benign.

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