Cancer support is important
for friends and family as well as the individual fighting cancer.

Having cancer support helps improve health, both physically and psychologically.

If your life is being affected by cancer, you've come to the right place: We have found some online resources for both internet-based and in-person support. You can gain emotional support as well as seek advice from those who have walked similar footsteps when dealing with cancer.

Cancer Support Groups This site lists a variety of societies, foundations, and non-profit organizations dedicated to assisting those with a variety of forms of cancer. Find support groups, research information, and donor information, to name a few of the many cancer resources that can be found here.

National Cancer Institute This site lists support organizations including cancer support groups, cancer questions and answers, and national organizations that offer services to people with cancer and their families. Also, it explains how to find resources in your own community if you have cancer, and provides help with finances, insurance, and health care.

Cancer Information and Support International This is a non-commercial website run by volunteers worldwide who offer free support and information to all whose lives have been touched by cancer.

At, we are here to support you with your decision to take essiac, and with your useage of essiac both during times of illness and times of health. Please don't hestitate to contact us if you need any assistance with anything related to your health.

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