Essiac and Stevia are both
dietary supplements that can work
hand in hand.

We have heard good feedback from essiac tea users who add stevia to their tea. Stevia and essiac are dietary supplements that are commonly used together.

We prefer the taste of our essiac tea with a little stevia added, and we think you will too!

With stevia, just a little tiny bit goes a long way, so both of the products below should last at least six months, even if you take the aggressive dose of essiac three times per day.

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Disclaimer: Stevia has not been FDA tested and has not been FDA approved as a treatment or cure for any health problem. We do not represent it as such on this site. You must determine whether stevia is a dietary supplement you could benefit from. We have provided accounts and descriptions that represent the opinions of a variety of experts in the alternative treatment world as well as actual users of stevia. We do not endorse anything on this site as medical fact.

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