Essiac tea has been helpful
to many animals with cancer.

Essiac tea may lead to improved health and well-being in animals with cancer for a number of reasons. Essiac tea may serve as a detoxifier, a general health supplement, and immune-booster for your pet or farm animal in a number of ways. 

Any animal that has similar organs to a person is a great candidate for essiac. Essiac's primary actions occur in the liver and the intestines, which means animals containing those organs can stand to benefit greatly from essiac tea.

Possible Benefits for Animals with Cancer

1.  Increased production of antibodies that will help fight disease.

2.  Protection of cells against free radicals.

3.  Strengthening of muscles.

4.  Improve the function of organs and tissues.

5.  Assist in removing toxic accumulation in the body, partly by facilitating colon health and encouraging healthy elimination.

6.  Strengthening of bones.

7.  Strengthening of lungs.

8.  Increased flexibility of the muscles and joints.

Essiac also may help reduce or purge the body of abnormal growths and tumors that may develop in your animal, whether they be cancerous or benign. The best part is essiac is a very gentle herbal medicine and the side effects are very minimal if any. The only reported side effect has been increased frequency of stool, but this is usually a very short-term effect (a few days at most). This is in fact a good effect most of the time, as it is helping to purge the digestive tract of built up waste.

As far as administering the essiac to an animal, the best way is to give it on an empty stomach when possible. Essiac is most effective with an empty stomach. We realize this can be a challenge depending on the animal.

Some techniques include: using an eye dropper or turkey baster in between feedings, adding it to the animal's water in between feedings, and adding the tea to broth or another low-protein liquid the animal likes.

It is important to give the tea in 2-3 separate doses each day, in spite of the inconvenience.

If all else fails and you have to give the essiac with food, that is still much better than skipping essiac altogether.

Some people ask about capsules. We have not personally seen the best results with capsules, so we do not carry them and we suggest avoiding them if you can manage to give the actual tea.

Click here to learn the proper dosages for your animals with cancer, and how to brew essiac tea.

Here is a great blog that describes how to help your dog or cat via dietary tweaks.

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