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Cancer Help

cancer helpWe provide cancer help in the form of financial assistance for those suffering with this horrible disease.

In need of cancer help? Sadly, you're not alone. There are so many out there suffering. We wanted to compile our best resources to help you in your recovery journey.

Cancer Articles. These cancer articles provide ideas to help you as healthy as possible while battling cancer. If you or a loved one is fighting cancer, be sure to consider the ideas presented to maximize your ability to recover. Using a multifaceted approach you will find it helps improve the odds of you achieving a full recovery.

Cancer and Obesity There have been a number of studies recently pointing to the cancer and obesity connection. While being obese doesn't cause cancer per se, it appears that there is a correlation worth noting. Working on your weight will be a great help in recovery if you have cancer.

The 7 Cancer Health Tips You NEED to Feel Better If you have cancer, you will find that these cancer health tips will do you a world of good. Whether you have cancer or not, you will feel much better when you follow a healthy lifestyle. When you live a healthy lifestyle, you will dramatically reduce the amount of illness and disease you suffer from - and if you are already sick, you will improve your chances of recovery by following these seven tips. 

Cancer News Installment 1 Covering prostate, coffee, green tea and more.

Cancer News Installment 2 Covering colon cancer, aspirin, medicare, and more.

Cancer News Installment 3 Covering stem cells and immune boosting.

Cancer News Installment 4 Covering functional foods and sugar intake.

Cancer Resources We hope you will find these cancer resources helpful. They offer much-needed assistance for those with cancer and their loved ones alike. We hope you find the assistance you need physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Cancer Support Having cancer support helps improve health, both physically and psychologically. Friends and family can make a huge difference during this difficult time. Pets can help lift moods. Support groups are also a valuable resource. It takes a village to fight this. Take all the cancer help you can get.

Free or Reduced Cost Essiac If you are experiencing financial difficulties and need help, contact us using the link provided. Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to help.

Additional Cancer Help: The More You Know

The Human Costs of Cancer The human costs of cancer run wide and deep. In addition to the numerous emotional and financial costs of cancer treatment, cancer victims bear another very important loss: battling cancer steals losts of time.

Chemical Additives to Avoid Unfortunately in today's day and age there are more chemical additives to avoid than ever before. There’s no question that illness and disease are becoming more and more widespread across the population…and younger and younger people are being affected.

Exercise and Cancer After receiving a diagnosis of cancer, exercise is probably the last thing you’d be concerned about. However, exercise can be extremely beneficial to those with cancer. In her book Cancer Fitness (2004), Anna Schwartz recommends that it be given full attention as soon as possible. 

Electromagnetic Polution Electromagnetic pollution is a huge health threat nowadays. There's no question that we are being surrounded by more and more electromagnetic devices each and every year. It's easy to take the technology for granted without regard for what these gadgets might be doing to our health.

Get Healthy Tips Why bother with these get healthy tips? Well, you'll dramatically reduce the amount of illness and disease you suffer from - and when you do get sick you'll get well much faster if you follow this time-tested advice.

Healthy Life If you want to live a healthy life, you need to start with using healthy products. Here are some of our best finds online for healthy products that will help you look and feel better every day! 

10 Foods with the Most Toxins It's important to learn the foods with most toxins for general health reasons. Everyone knows that buying organic is healthier, but not everyone can afford to! Unfortunately, organic food is quite a bit pricier in most locations. 

Essiac Articles We have some essiac articles here. Read as many essiac articles as it takes until you can decide whether essiac tea is right for your situation.

Essiac and Disease Essiac and disease have a long history. Essiac tea has been used for thousands of years to help people recover from disease and illness more quickly. Essiac tea first became popular as a cancer treatment in Canada.

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