Electromagnetic Pollution Help

Don't worry - electromagnetic pollution help is out there. Electromagnetic pollution is a huge health threat nowadays! There's no question that we are being surrounded by more and more electromagnetic devices each and every year. It's easy to take the technology for granted without regard for what these gadgets might be doing to our health. While it is certain we have to pay a pollution price in order to use these devices, there are ways to protect yourself.

Humans are electromagnetic beings - that's why electrocardiograms and electroencephalograms work. Anything with an electromagnetic field can interact to varying degrees with the human body. Technology moves so very fast. Evolution has not had time to help the human being adapt to dealing with these new environmental, man-made stressors. 

We are electromagnetic beings. Your life's energy is your biofield, the collective energy that radiates throughout every single cell. In complex rhythms, the atoms and cells of the body alternate with each other transferring energy and information. EMF disrupts and disturbs these rhythms resulting in chaos within the system. Consequently, an increase in cellular fatigue and stress to the system result because cells have to exert more energy to deliver their electrochemical messages. 

electromagnetic pollution helpElectromagnetic pollution help is out there, and your body will thank you for it!

We currently exist in an environment that has never before occurred, which is why more and more folks need help with electromagnetic pollution nowadays. Our environment is teeming with varying levels of electrical pollution. This comes from sources like radiofrequency communications - cordless phones, wireless devices, cell phones and cell phone towers. It also comes from other parts of your home area and the appliances and gadgets you use. How power lines run can have an impact. Also, some devices are more dangerous even when placed for away from you. Wireless routers, monitors and printers are all a part of the "electromagnetic soup" to which we're all now exposed.

Potential Problems from Electromagnetic Pollution

Health problems can appear in the bio-field before they emerge as physical symptoms. This pollution sometimes creates an imbalance in the body, which the body itself cannot heal. Supplements like essiac tea can be an important first step when dealing with these issues. Humans are not the only ones exposed to electromagnetic pollution. Animals are also exposed to this silent and rapidly increasing killer of life force energy. Many medical experts are calling electromagnetic pollution the greatest health risk of the 21st century.

Exposure to EMFs of specific frequencies and intensities has been linked to: depression, memory loss, reduced energy, irritability, inability to concentrate, chronic fatigue, headaches, leukemia, weakened immune system, cancer, brain tumors, Alzheimer's, autism, childhood leukemia, birth defects, accelerated aging, ALS and miscarriages are also implicated. There are certainly other health concerns we haven't even tapped into yet as this is a relatively new development in our lives to have this degree of "invisible" pollution.

Electromagnetic Pollution Help is on the way

Fortunately, if you're looking for electromagnetic pollution help, essiac tea is perfect for supporting the body in staying healthy in spite of these pollution issues.

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