Our Essiac Formula:
Where The Herbs Come From

***We use the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in our essiac formula!

It's 20% root***

At bulk-essiac-tea.com, we choose the herbs we need for our essiac formula based on which herb companies can offer us the highest quality organic herbs at the lowest price. All of our herbs undergo extensive testing to ensure quality and purity. 

Currently, the eight essiac herbs (blessed thistle, burdock root, kelp, sheep sorrel including the root, slippery elm bark, red clover, turkish rhubarb root,and watercress) come from Starwest Botanicals, Inc. in California. Click here for information on Quality Control of these herbs. Starwest does a phenomenal job of testing to ensure the highest quality herbs every time. We trust no other company as much as Starwest to provide us with  safe and effective herbs each and every time.

the Freshness of Our Herbs.

The moisture content of our herbs is: 12-15% moisture content for the blessed thistle, sheep sorrel including the root, and kelp, and less than 10% for the burdock root, red clover, slippery elm bark, watercress, and turkish rhubarb root.

Our herbs are incredibly fresh because we sell thousands of pounds of essiac every month. We turn over our entire inventory of herbs every 2-3 weeks. Moreover, sometimes when we order our herbs from the suppliers they cannot provide us with them right away because they haven't received their newest shipment yet. This means that our suppliers' herbs are fresh, too. They can barely keep up with all the essiac we are selling!

Many customers have commented on how fresh our herbs look, smell, and taste. If you purchase essiac from a company that sells more than one herbal formula, you're much more likely to receive stale herbs. We carry essiac and only essiac at bulk-essiac-tea.com. You will never receive stale herbs from us!

Why we recommend using only powdered herbs for essiac.

Powdered herbs are simply regular herbs that are crushed, or pulverized, to form a powder. The herbs look just like what you would see inside a tea bag.

Powdered herbs make for a more potent brew of tea. This is because there is more surface area on the herbs for the extracts to seep into the tea. Anything in powdered form mixes easier and more thoroughly (Kool-Aid comes as a powder, not a stick, for a reason!) Furthermore, powdered herbs are fine enough that they can remain in the tea and be consumed along with the tea.

One thing to keep in mind is that herbal medicine is not an exact science - no one knows for sure exactly how some of the herbs work their magic. We feel more confident when you consume the herb particles in addition to the tea (which is only possible when you brew powdered herbs). With powdered herbs, you are more likely to get the full treatment effect because you can consume the herb particles in addition to the tea. These herb particles might contain beneficial compounds that you don't want to miss out on.

This is a similar argument to those who tell you to eat the whole fruit versus drink the juice or swallow a capsule. By consuming the herbs along with the tea, you won't miss out on any of the important chemical compounds. In fact, we believe so strongly in the powdered form of essiac that we feel we can't ethically sell you anything else, so we don't carry anything other than powdered herbs. No extracts, no capsules, no compromises!

Why we believe in eight herb essiac formula and refuse to sell four herb versions.

The first essiac in use by the Canadian nurse Rene Caisse was four herb essiac. Four herb essiac (with three herbs drank as a tea and one herb injected) was tested for a brief period of time but was not widely used, and was not ever accepted as a superior formula by Rene Caisse.

In addition, during our years of experience with essiac, the feedback we have received about four herb essiac from our customers is that it's not nearly as effective in improving health. Approximately 80% of our customers believe eight herb essiac is a big component of their recovery from cancer, diabetes, and other health problems. We haven't heard about nearly as much success in those using four herb essiac from users.

The current-day most up-to-date eight herb essiac formula was specifically designed to be most effective in improving health and eliminating toxins in the body when taken orally as a tea. In the past, other formulas including four herb formulas were used but they were designed to be administered partially by injection, which is another reason why the four herb formulas aren't ideal.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who are healthy and continue to take eight herb essiac at maintenance dose after their test results have returned to normal. They will attest to the efficacy of eight herb essiac and to the fact that they believe it is superior to four herb blends. To read more about the merits of eight herb essiac and the history behind it, please visit:
Eight Herb Essiac

Click here to see other Frequently Asked Questions about our Essiac Formula.

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