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Looking for an Organic Essiac Tea Sale?

We get it...but first, check out our everyday low prices.

We understand that you're looking for an essiac tea sale. After all, who wouldn't want an incredible deal?

We haven't been running any sales lately, and here's why:

essiac tea saleLearn why we rarely have sales (and we don't really need to).

1.  Folks Can't Pick and Choose When They Need Essiac.

Let's say we run a sale every three months. What happens if you become sick in between sales? Or, what if you have been using essiac and run out in between sales? We don't want to punish anyone for having the wrong timing. So, instead of an essiac tea sale, we keep our prices as low as we can every single day. This way, you don't have to worry about timing when you purchase essiac. You also don't have to buy it ahead to stock up only to find that it spoils by the time you use it.

2.  At Any Time We Can Help You Out Financially if Need Be

Essiac is pretty inexpensive as far as medications, either herbal or prescription, go. In fact, essiac costs less than 75 cents per day. Many folks have found that they are able to go off other medications and supplements once starting essiac (be sure to work alongside your doctor!). However, we realize that in the short-term some people simply don't have the extra cash.

That's OK!

We are here for you. Just let us know you have a financial need and we'll offer you essiac at a reduced price or free in some cases. We only ask two things:  1.  you take essiac as directed, and let us know if it helps you, and 2.  you follow the honor system when discussing your financial need with us. After all, if no one paid for essiac, obviously we'd go out of business. There are significant costs to running this business, from herb costs, to staff, to website maintenance. However, we will never turn anyone away if we can afford to help you. If your financial situation changes in the future, we appreciate if you're able to begin paying regular prices. But if you truly need the donations, we are more than happy to help you. We'd rather you get the tea in your hands now than have to wait until you get the money.

A Good Starter Size

essiac sale
If you've never tried essiac and don't want to make a huge commitment, consider our starter size: 1 lb. bulk essiac. It costs under 75 cents a day!

Our Most Popular Order Size

essiac on sale

Purchase our six month supply: 3 lb. 4 oz. of essiac herbs in THIRTEEN (13) convenient 4 oz. packets. Each packet makes one gallon of tea. It costs under 67 cents a day to use!

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