The 10 Foods with Most Toxins

It's important to learn the foods with most toxins for general health reasons. Everyone knows that buying organic is healthier, but not everyone can afford to! Unfortunately, organic food is quite a bit pricier in most locations. 

To have the best of both worlds, make sure you buy the foods with most toxins organic, and buy the rest of your grocery list organic only if you have the extra cash.

The foods listed here have been found to contain the most chemicals capable of disrupting your immune system, nervous system, reproductive system and hormonal system. Eat at your own risk!

Click here to read the ten foods that might be lurking in your kitchen with the most toxins.

Why Does it matter which foods have most toxins?

Every time you put anything into or onto your body, your organs have to process through it. Your body absorbs what it needs and discards what it doesn't need or shouldn't have. Your organs, in particular your liver, large intestine, and skin, are very good at this job most of the time.

However, sometimes your body gets overloaded between medications and chemicals in food. It can even get overloaded due to pollution in the environment. While it's impossible to avoid exposure to each and every toxin, you can minimize exposure by shopping smart when it comes to your foods. 

In addition, look for organic and natural cosmetics, clothing, and soaps/cleansers. Also, avoid exercising or spending lots of time outdoors during hours of peak pollution if you live in a city area.

How Does Essiac Help with Toxins?

Many products are sold as a 'detox' to rid the body of toxins. Essiac is a little different. Essiac tea helps restore the body's optimal function. Remember, the body can rid itself of toxins if it has the right tools. Essiac tea helps clean up the liver and small and large intestine. Once these organs are clear, they can then perform the function they were designed to. 

Because of this, essiac is a much more natural and gentle 'detox' than many other products out there. You can proceed with your usual schedule--no need to start taking essiac on the weekend. Diarrhea is very rare, and if it comes it will not be uncontrollable. Having a larger volume of stool than usual is actually a sign that the essiac is doing it's job. Also, no need to starve yourself. You can continue with your usual diet (of course, making the effort to avoid the foods with most toxins as outlined in the link above). 

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