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Welcome to Jonathan Mosher's essiac herbal tea page! Whether you're looking to use essiac tea as a detox, a preventive or supplement, an alternative treatment, or an aggressive treatment, you have come to the right place!

This is Jonathan Mosher Before Essiac Tea

jonathan mosher

Neck was 22" and Waist 46" here.

This is Him After Essiac Tea

My neck is down 4": now 18". My waist is down 10": now 34".
I have lost 96 pounds total!

Essiac tea is a blend of eight herbs that have proven medicinal properties. The tea is taken by some as an alternative treatment for cancer, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes (It cured my diabetes in 1 month!), chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and many other conditions. It is also used by some as a liver detoxifier. Others take essiac tea for disease prevention and to maintain general good health. Most people report improved health, higher energy levels, and better weight control almost from day one of taking the tea. The tea is 100% natural and should not interfere with any medications you may be taking.

I priced this same essiac tea under a different brand name at a local nutrition store at $35.00 a quart. No way was I going to pay that kind of money! So after extensive research I found this website. This is by far the cheapest price in the world! It's also better for you as [in just ten minutes] you brew a two week supply at a time and brewing the tea at home keeps all the valuable nutrients that gets lost in the process of pre-bottling tea. By the way, for a quart of essiac tea at this site. you can expect to pay a whopping $1.37 as opposed to $35.00! And it's fresh! It's so cheap because it is bought in bulk! This is the lowest price anywhere, guaranteed. I noticed [as most do] increased energy levels after day one!

"Being slightly obese and after a year of being on the tea, my blood pressure has improved dramatically, I have lost 96 pounds, my diabetic marker keeps going down on my lab work [well into the non-diabetic range]. As a matter of "fact", every category of a recent lab result improved."

                                                                                                               --Jonathan Mosher

I can skip meals again and I splurge on cookies and cake on occasions too. I suffer from C.F.S., Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and my recovery time has improved dramatically from 7-10 days to less than 24 hours!

Smoking Cessation

Although this Essiac tea is known to be a pro-active way to deter cancer and it is well known for curing many a cancer patient, if you are a smoker and you want to get off the smokes, this tea can help. I have been a smoker for 36 years+ and although a heavy smoker, my lungs were relatively in good shape. Yet I had a persistent itchy cough and I had to hack out the flem every morning. I started e-cigs in October and immediately my cough was gone as well as any flem. I had gotten rid of the arsenic, poisons and carcinogens that are in the tobacco and I am just breathing in water vapor and nicotine. It feels like smoking a regular smoke, blowing out huge clouds of water vapor that looks like smoke and I can legally use these indoors at any restaurant. [And I don’t go around smelling like an ashtray!] A carton of cigs is about $80.00 where I live and a cartons worth of e-smoke is about $26.00!

To your health and mine,

Jonathan Mosher

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