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The correct essiac dosage for pets with cancer depends primarily on the weight of the animal.

pets with cancerToby remains healthy into older age with daily doses of essiac.

The dosage of essiac tea for pets with cancer is different from the dosage for humans, primarily due to weight. Use this chart to find the recommended starting point for your animal's dosage. These are simply our recommended doses that will be ideal for your pet based on our past experiences. You may wish to give more or less essiac tea to your pet according to your own research and beliefs.

Dosage of Essiac Tea for Pets

If your pet weighs up to 15 lbs.
USE 1/2 oz. of tea per day.

If your pet weighs 15-35 lbs.
USE 1/2 ounce twice per day.

If your pet weighs 35-55 lbs.
USE 1 ounce twice per day.

If your pet weighs 55-85 lbs.
USE 2 ounces twice per day.

If your pet weighs 85 lbs. or more,
USE 3 ounces twice per day.

These doses are a bit higher than Rene Caisse's original chart for essiac dosages for pets, but we have seen best results with pets who had a much larger dose than Rene's recommended doses. The dosages above are a minimum level to give your pet the best chance of improved health. To have the best hope for good results, increase the dose as much as possible.

NOTE: One issue with large doses for pets is the amount of rhubarb the animal will be consuming. Rhubarb is a laxative (which is one of the reasons it's in the essiac formula). Dogs and cats (and most other pets as well) have shorter digestive systems than humans, and they will be more susceptible to diarrhea. Therefore, the recommendation that a large dose of essiac be taken must be balanced against the downside of causing diarrhea in your pet. You'll need to find the happy medium that works best for your pet.

Pets, like humans, can also suffer from a variety of health conditions including infections, arthritis, joint problems, and generally feeling unwell. More and more often we are hearing about cases of pets with cancer. Essiac may help relieve a variety of conditions your pet may be unfortunate enough to suffer from. Many customers who had pets with cancer report the wonderful improvements they've been able to experience.

pets with cancer essiacPeanut was able to achieve remission from cancer.

Giving Essiac Tea to Pets with Cancer or another health concern

You have a couple of choices for administering essiac tea to your pet. Our first recommendation is to try mixing the tea with a liquid. Water will work if your pet isn't averse to the taste of essiac tea, but you might need to use a liquid that's more enticing to your pet to get him to take the tea. Feed your pet using an eye dropper, syringe or turkey baster, depending on the size of your animal. Although it is recommended that your pet (like humans) take the tea one hour before or two hours after a meal (in other words, on an empty stomach), you might find that there is simply no other way the animal will consistently take essiac. Many people have had success with essiac by mixing it in their pet's food even though the dosage won't be administered on an empty stomach. Giving your pet essiac mixed in with his or her food is much better than not giving essiac to your pet at all.

When brewing essiac tea for pets with cancer or another health problem, you shouldn't brew a gallon of tea at a time (like you would for a person). One pint or one quart will be more appropriate, as you are advised not to brew more essiac tea than you'll use in the next two weeks. Of course, if the humans in the house take essiac too, go ahead and brew that gallon!

If you're planning of giving your pet more than 1 oz. of essiac tea per day,
prepare 1 quart at a time. 1 oz. of dry herbs makes 1 quart of tea.

If you're planning on giving your pet 1 oz. or less of essiac tea per day,
prepare 1 pint at a time. 1/2 oz. of dry herbs makes 1 pint of tea.

Dogs who take essiac

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Click here for instructions for brewing essiac tea in pet-size batches.

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