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Turkey Rhubarb Root (Rheum palmatum) stimulates
the body systems

Turkey rhubarb root is part of the rhubarb family. Rhubarb is a common food amongst many cultures. The turkish root, however, contains special medicinal properties. It helps stimulate activity in the various body systems, thus relieving stagnation and toxic build-up. By removing toxic build-up in the body, the organs are then free to do the job they were designed to do - keep the body clean, pure and healthy.

The plants must be at least six years old before the roots are harvested. Rene Caisse began her essiac work using the domestic root, later discovering that the imported variety was more potent and less bitter. However most of the herb imported today is irradiated, so that native rhubarb is once again the rhubarb of choice for eight herb essiac. All of the herbs we use to make our essiac are non-irradiated and free of chemicals. 

turkey rhubarb rootTurkey rhubarb root is one of the eight essiac tea ingredients.

Turkey Rhubarb Root's Benefits and Uses

Turkey rhubarb root acts as a remedy that increases the activity of the stomach, liver and bowels by increasing the flow of the digestive juices, including bile. For this reason, this root is often used as a component of many choleretic drugs used for livery and bililary disorders. In small doses it makes an excellent strengthening tonic for the stomach. In larger doses it acts as a laxative, ridding debris from the gut. The purgative action is useful for cases of constipation; however, it also exerts an astringent effect following this. Therefore, it's use results in a thorough cleansing of the intestines. The good news is that the purgative response is not as harsh as it is with some laxatives. It is non-addictive and healthy to use in the long term.

Other uses include: as anti-diarrhea and anti-inflammatory agent, an antioxidant, and a cellular regeneration agent. In those who are underweight due to illness, it tends to stimulate the appetite. Once a healthy appetite is restored, the immune system functions much better, and a person's energy levels soar. This root is rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin A, some of the B complex vitamins, and vitamins C, and P. Its mineral content includes calcium, chlorine, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, silicon, sodium, sulfur and zinc. 

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