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Have you been duped by this myth regarding sheep sorrel percentage?
November 04, 2020

November 4, 2020

Howdy folks! We hope you are all staying safe and well these days. As we head into Holiday season, please take a moment to have gratitude during a time when so many of us are hurting with this pandemic. I find that gratitude really helps me turn around even the darkest of days.

Have you been duped by this myth about the percentage of sheep sorrel root needing to be 25%?

We have been seeing more misinformation online lately than ever before. Essiac is not immune! Read the truth about this distructive sheep sorrel root myth.

More Information about Dr. Charles Brusch

While Rene Caisse is the one that everyone associates with essiac, Dr. Brusch played an undeniable role in developing the formula to what it is today. Learn more about Dr. Brusch, who was also President Kennedy's personal physician.

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