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Learn the truth about the sheep sorrel percentage in real essiac

Authentic essiac tea contains a sheep sorrel percentage of 20% including the root. Unfortunately, many businesses online have taken to claiming that the optimum sheep sorrel amount is 25% in order to create fear and trick people into buying bogus essiac tea based solely on made up sheep sorrel percentages. These companies are charging ridiculous prices even though they have a fake product! This fear-based campaign has caught on like wildfire on The Essiac Tea Users Group on Facebook, in particular.

sheep sorrel percentage essiacWe haven't changed our formula in all the years we have been in business because we know it WORKS.

Think about it...if 25% were the correct amount of sheep sorrel root, why wouldn’t other ALL other companies simply just use that amount?

The answer is that they understand it would change the delicate balance of their formula, moving it away from the blend that Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch proved worked so well. Too much of any herb is just bad as too little.

The reason that the essiac tea companies set up directly by Rene Caisse do not have 25% sheep sorrel root is that they respect the integrity of the formula and respect their customers’ need for authentic and effective essiac tea. If you ask any of the companies claiming that the formula should have 25% sheep sorrel to cover their product with a Money-Back Guarantee, all you will get is a deafening silence. Since we know that we have the sheep sorrel percentage in our essiac that is dead on, we have no problem Guaranteeing it!

Order essiac tea with the correct formula, unaltered from Rene Caisse's research. The sheep sorrel percentage in our essiac is 20%.

sheep sorrel percentage

Visit our order page to place your order for your own supply of genuine essiac tea today.

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