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Bottled Essiac Versus Essiac Herbs That You Brew Yourself: the Facts.

Many people are curious about the difference between bottled essiac versus essiac herbs that you brew yourself. There are so many options when looking at essiac. How do you know what is best for you? We will explain here.

bottled essiac versus essiac herbsOur powdered herbs mean making your own essiac is simple and easy. It takes just 10 minutes once every 14 days to prepare.

Bottled Essiac: The Pros

  1. There is no work at all!
  2. You know you won't "mess it up."

Bottled Essiac: The Cons

  1. It can cost up to 40 times the cost per serving of essiac herbs that you brew yourself.
  2. You have to buy more every week or so.
  3. Shipping is usually super expensive and tough to time so that you don't run out.
  4. You have to have enough refrigerator space to store it.
  5. You might have to drive many miles to find a store that carries it.
  6. Most brands have preservatives added which might be unhealthy for your body.

Essiac Herbs You Brew Yourself: The Pros

  1. There are no preservatives necessary or used.
  2. You are 100% sure that the tea is fresh.
  3. The cost is affordable enough that almost anyone can easily afford to take the essiac for six months or longer.
  4. A year's worth of herbs can be ordered and stored, meaning you don't have to worry about running out and having to go out and buy more on a regular basis.
  5. The worst thing when taking essiac is for you to run out of tea and have a lapse - this won't happen when you have a large supply where you can brew another batch as the one you have runs low.

Essiac Herbs You Brew Yourself: The Cons

  1. It takes 10 minutes once every two weeks to brew - even though this is so little time, it still takes longer than bottled essiac to prepare.
  2. If you don't follow the directions closely you might prepare the essiac incorrectly. However, the directions are very simple so this should not be a problem for most.

After reviewing the pros and cons of each type, it should be apparent for most everyone that essiac herbs you brew yourself are really ideal for most folksI hope this article helped you understand the differences between bottled essiac versus essiac herbs that you brew yourself. If you're still interested in buying bottled essiac, the brand "Flor-Essence" is very reputable. We suggest choosing that brand if you do decide to go with bottled essiac.

Purchase your own supply of essiac tea today. It's the same essiac Rene Caisse used.

Essiac tea takes just 10 minutes to prepare once every two weeks. It costs less than 75 cents per day to use.

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