Essiac Tea Instructions

It is important that you follow the correct essiac tea instructions to ensure that you prepare the tea the right way. By preparing the tea correctly, you will ensure that you get what you need out of each and every essiac tea dose. 

Essiac Tea Brewing Instructions

Essiac Tea Brewing Instructions for brewing 1 quart or 1 gallon of tea at a time. Be sure to follow the brewing instructions for best results using essiac tea. Click here for the Essiac Tea Brewing Instructions.

Essiac Tea Brewing and Dosage Instructions in Metric

Essiac Tea Brewing and Dosage Instructions in Metric. Instructions on brewing 1 liter or 3 liters at a time. Click here for the Essiac Tea Brewing and Dosage Instructions in Metric.

Essiac Tea Dosage Instructions

Essiac Tea Dosage Instructions for people looking to maintain health, for people looking to improve health, and for people looking to detox and cleanse the system. These essiac tea dosage instructions are recommendations; always consult with your practitioner. Click here for the Essiac Tea Dosage Instructions.

Essiac Tea Dosage Instructions for Pets

Essiac Tea Dosage Instructions for pets. Dosage instructions for maintenance of a pet's health and also for improving a pet's health. Click here for more info. on essiac and pets.

Essiac Tea Instructions: Special Tips

First things first--make sure you have the right supplies at hand! Most people will make 1 gallon at a time which lasts two weeks for the aggressive dose level of intake. To make this amount of tea, you need:

--large stainless steel pot (other pots may be used, but no aluminum)

--gallon-size pitcher (such as the type you'd use to hold iced tea)

--large wooden spoon (this will be used to stir the essiac both in the pot and also in the pitcher when it's time to pour the doses).

--one gallon of spring water (any water other than tap is fine)

--Stovetop and refrigerator

When you make your essiac, be sure to start with a clean pot and pitcher washed with soap and water. Also, consider what you will be doing 12 hours after you prepare the tea. The instructions lead you though a process that takes just 10 minutes to make the tea, but you will need to leave it out for 12 hours and then at that time transfer the mixture from the pot into a pitcher to store in the refrigerator.

Click here to order our most popular essiac size: 3 lb. 4 oz. of herbs which lasts six months at the aggressive dose. The essiac tea instructions will be sent along with your order.

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