Brew Essiac Tea One Cup at a Time

Normally, it's not a good idea to brew essiac tea one cup at a time. There are a few reasons for this.

1.  It takes so much extra time to brew essiac tea one cup at a time. Brewing essiac the usual way takes just ten minutes once every 14 days. Brewing essiac one cup at a time takes 30 minutes per day!

2. The tea comes out best when made in a large batch according to the proper brewing protocol. When brewing one cup at a time, it's impossible to get the tea to the consistent temperature it needs to be most effective.

3.  It's easier to make a mistake in accuracy in brewing just one cup at a time. When brewing a large batch, being off by a few ounces is no big deal since you're making so many doses at once--it all evens out. Not so when brewing one cup at a time.

However, if you will be traveling you might not have a choice--you might need to know how to brew essiac tea on a dose-by-dose basis, especially if you are staying in a different room each night and can't brew and store the tea consistently. Taking essiac tea when brewed in this manner is certainly better than not taking it at all. Taking essiac in this manner is also much, much better than just taking the herbs by themselves without attempting to brew them into a tea.

Although it's ideal to prepare batches of essiac tea according to instructions and store in the refrigerator, there are times when you might need to brew essiac tea cup by cup, and we'll explain it here.

essiac tea one cup at a time

Brew Essiac Tea One Cup at a Time:  Instructions

To prepare a single 3-oz. serving, use:  2/3 of 1 tsp. of herbs. Please use a real tsp, not a plastic utensil-type one for accuracy. Boil 3 oz. of water (you can use a coffee maker if that's all you have) and add the 2/3 tsp. of essiac. Let it sit for 10 minutes. The tea can be taken warm or chilled for this purpose. When brewing essiac the traditional way, the tea should be taken cold straight from the fridge.

Click here for a plastic tsp. set you could travel with.

Click here for regular brewing instructions to use when you're at home.

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