Essiac Tea Wholesale

Essiac tea wholesale is widely popular nowadays among stores and practitioners alike. If you are in the market for an essiac wholesale supplier, you want to make sure of these five things:

1. That the essiac is the correct formula.
2. That the quality and purity of the herbs is good and consistent.
3. That the company is always stocked with a fresh supply.
4. That the company is responsive to your needs as a re-seller.
5. That the pricing is low enough that you can make a solid profit.

How Do I Resell Essiac?

You have a few options of how to resell essiac. You can:

1. Purchase bulk bags of essiac from us, re-package it yourself however you like, and sell it in individual quantities to individuals.

2. You can purchase retail-ready, pre-packaged and labeled from us at wholesale pricing and resell it to individuals.

3. You can act as an "essiac broker" and sell either bulk essiac or retail-ready packaged essiac to health food stores, keeping a percentage for yourself. You do not need to carry any inventory to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Bottom Line

Common retail markup is 300-400% of your wholesale price. This enables you to sell essiac at a fair profit, all the while offering your customers an affordable solution to their needs. Since essiac is generally a more affordable product than a lot of other products in it's category, everyone is happy.

Click here to see our Essiac Tea Wholesale Prices.

Alternatives to Essiac Tea Wholesale

Some people don't have an interest in dealing with inventory, or don't have a place to keep it. In that case, the essiac tea affiliate program might be a perfect match for you!

Many people ask how to become an essiac affiliate. Recently we created an easy way for you to do just that.

Many alternative medicine practitioners have websites with visitors who may be interested in essiac tea. In the past, you had to purchase essiac from us in order to sell it to these customers. However, now there is a way that is easier for everyone to become an essiac tea affiliate.

All you need to do is sign up at the link below. After you become an essiac affiliate, you will earn 15% of the price of each product when one of your website visitors clicks on our link and purchases essiac on our website.

Become an essiac tea affiliate today.

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