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Join Our Essiac Affiliate Program Today and Start Earning

Many people enjoy our product and want to know if we have an Essiac affiliate program. We responded and launched one several years ago, and we have added features and benefits as it's grown. You'll see the program is hosted on our newer site, Check it out now

By joining and becoming an Essiac affiliate, you will earn 10% of the price of each product when one of your website visitors, email contacts or social media friends clicks on your personal link and purchases Essiac on our website! You can also share a coupon code with them for them to save 10% which is another way to link them to you so you get the credit. Become an Essiac Affiliate Today

Benefits of Choosing to Be an Essiac Affiliate and Not a Wholesaler

  1. You won't have to dealing with keeping inventory or shipping products. Sit back and let us do all the work, while you focus on providing value to others who are looking for alternate health solutions by connecting them to good products. You'll earn money each and every time someone purchases Essiac due to your recommendation of our brand. 
  2. You're recommending Essiac to folks anyway! By becoming an affiliate, you will simply begin to earn money for pointing others in the right direction. Becoming an Essiac affiliate really is a no-brainer for someone like you! You can share your personal links and coupons easily, increasing convenience for both you and your referral
  3. You can remain focused on your core business or your family. This affiliate program is so easy! There are no fees to join and no minimums to continue to participate. We pay each affiliate who has accumulated over $50 once per month. 

essiac affiliate programBecome an Essiac affiliate and do your part in making the world a better place...while earning money!

Sign up to Become an Essiac Affiliate Today

Let's make the world a better place together by sharing our knowledge of nature's remedies as an alternate choice. Not only will it help you earn income, but it will make you feel good - because you will be making a difference. Become an Essiac affiliate today!

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