Essiac Tea Wholesale Prices

Essiac Tea Wholesale Prices are generally available for orders of over $300.00 or more at a time. If you are just getting started with essiac resale, we understand that you may not be able to purchase this quantity right away, and we might still be able to help you out. Call 1-866-ESSIAC1 (377-4221) and we'll let you know what we can do for you and your essiac business.

Hundreds of businesses across the U.S. and the world distribute our essiac, and you could be next!

Companies love to order from us because we have the genuine product, great prices, and always fresh herbs. We also extend our money-back guarantee to your customers, too!

Essiac Tea Wholesale Prices for Resellers, Clinicians,
Herbalists, Distributors, and Health Food Stores.

Click here to purchase essiac in one 13.6-lb. bulk bag for $268.79.
Depending on the type of packaging you sell it in, your gross sales will be at least $1482.26, and your profit will be at least $1213.47.

Special Deal: High-volume Bulk Essiac by the pound.
Your cost: $17.95/lb. when purchasing a 50-lb. minimum, Suggested Retail: $69.95/lb*
Please call us Toll-Free at 1-866-ESSIAC1 (1-866-377-4221) to order bulk essiac at this special price.

Check out these Wholesale Prices for Packaged Essiac. If you would like to purchase a high volume or go under contract with us for automatic shipments, we might be able to lower the price further for you. Call us at 1-866-ESSIAC1 (377-4221) for quotes.

Click here to see our regular prices

Pre-Measured Sealed Packets

You can also purchase 1-oz, 4-oz, or 1-lb. sealed packets of essiac tea. You have your choice of generic labeling to which you can add your own business sticker with your contact info and business name, or completely unlabeled bags to which you can add your own label.

For quotes regarding essiac tea wholesale prices, please contact us and let us know how much you plan to purchase at a time. If you need a shipping quote as well, please include your zip code and/or country.

Guide to Setting Your Essiac Resale Price

Click here for the guide to setting your essiac tea pricing for maximum sales and profits. 

Affiliate Program

If you have a website for products and/or you run an alternative or health business and aren't sure you're up for stocking inventory of essiac, you might want to consider our affiliate program. You can earn percentages on each and every sale that come to us through your site or business. 

Click here for our essiac tea affiliate program. This is a super-simple and easy way to refer business to us and earn some income for your efforts.

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