Our Organic Essiac Tea Price Match Guarantee Sets Us Apart!

We pride ourselves on our 110% Essiac Tea Price Match Guarantee. We want to make sure that you get a great deal on essiac - in fact, the best deal in the industry!

We will beat the price of ANY other essiac company who offers the same size herb order for less - in fact, we will not only match their price, we will BEAT it by 10% just to prove to you our commitment to offering the best value on essiac anywhere! And it's not just value we represent. Our essiac is authentic and of the very highest quality money can buy.

We're not aware of ANY other company that is so confident their pricing is competitive that they offers a 110% Essiac Tea Price Match Guarantee!

Here is the way our Essiac Tea Price Match Guarantee Works.

Place an order for essiac tea from bulk-essiac-tea.com. If you have found the same size order of herbs from another company selling for less, please call us at 1-866-ESSIAC1 (978-504-9517). You can also use this form to contact us. Feel free to include the shipping prices in your calculations.

We will beat any other company's price by 10% (or issue you an appropriate partial refund). In fact, if you order from us and find essiac being sold for less for up to 10 days after you placed your order, we will honor your request for the appropriate partial refund.


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essiac tea price match guarantee

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More info. on Our 110% Price-Match Guarantee

We have this guarantee in place to help take the pressure off of you, the consumer. We very rarely hear about essiac tea being sold for less than we sell it for. When we do, it's usually a bogus version of essiac that "beat" our price. But that's OK, because our primary goal is for you to find the most affordable, authentic essiac every time. That is much more important to us than the bottom line.

Because we keep our prices as low as possible year-round, we very rarely have "sales" or "specials." The reason is that, no matter when you happen to need more essiac we always want you to be able to get it at the everyday low price. Most people who find themselves needing essiac or running out of essiac need it NOW. Usually they have an illness of some kind they are battling. They don't have time to wait for a sale! This is why we don't mess around too much with sales. We simply keep our price as low as we can while being able to stay in business. This way essiac is always available at the lowest price no matter which day on the calendar you realize that you need some essiac.

And if you should find yourself in a situation where you don't have any money for essiac tea, just ask! We will help get you going at no cost or reduced cost. It's more important to use that you get started on essiac than that we receive payment.

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"We are committed to supplying you with the best quality essiac tea for the lowest possible price."


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