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Organic Essiac Tea Pricing Guide

There are a number of factors that affect essiac tea pricing. Here are the 4 most important ones:

1. Sizes of packaging you offer. The smaller the size of the essiac packaging, the higher price you can command per ounce. 1 oz. and 1/2 oz. packets are the most profitable way to sell essiac. These small sizes are great for impulse purchases, and they can be bundled in packs and sold at a discount for value-conscious consumers (they still would earn you more profit than essiac in larger packaging sizes).

2. Type of packaging you offer. The more attractive and fancy your packaging is, the higher price you can command. Attractive, high-quality packaging with special features like re-sealable packets or colorful labels can command higher prices. Oftentimes it costs you just pennies more to upgrade your packaging, but you can charge significantly more when you have nicer packaging, and you will also be more readily accepted by high-end retail outlets.

3. The convenience you offer. Location, location, location! If you sell your essiac at health food stores or practitioner's clinics, you can usually charge more than you can if you sell essiac on a website. However, selling on a website can work well also, especially if the website already has customers who buy other types of cancer supplements and cancer treatments. Customers who are already visiting a store or clinic, or already visiting a website, will purchase essiac and pay more for it if it's convenient to do so right there without having to go elsewhere.

4. What else you have to offer. If you bundle essiac with another health product or a health service, you will add value to your offerings, and you can encourage customers to try other related products. If you don't have a related product or service right now, propose the idea to someone who does, and supply them with essiac to bundle with their product.

essiac tea pricingLearn the factors that will go into making decisions about the essiac tea pricing you use for your practice or shop.

Essiac Tea Pricing: Product Placement

If you don't have a health food store, clinic, or website of your own, and you do not want to carry inventory, you earn money by selling essiac wholesale to people who DO. People who already have a customer base will be eager to add another product to their line that their customers are hungry for. All you have to do is present the information about essiac to the person who you think could add essiac to his or her product line and offer them a price. We can then send them the essiac and you will be able to pocket the difference once you are paid. You can decide on the essiac tea pricing that works for you in this instance.

Consider Building an Essiac Tea Website of your Own

We have helped others start up essiac tea websites of their own. been EXTREMELY happy with the website program we have chosen for our essiac business--we use and recommend it exclusively. We cannot rave about it enough! We feel this website program gives the average "non-tech" person the best chance to succeed online (although most "techie" people love it too). Click here to read more about the website program we love!

We hope you see that the possibilities with buying essiac wholesale are endless! The key to making this all work is:

  1. To have a great product (if no one will buy it, what's the use?), and

  2. To have a product that you can obtain at a low-enough cost such that you have room to mark it up (this is what allows you to make a profit from your efforts).

With wholesale essiac from you should have no problem doing that! 

All the information you need to know to resell essiac and answer your customer's questions can be found on this website. 

If you would like to talk to someone about reselling essiac or have further questions about essiac tea pricing, please contact us.

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