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Learn How to Make Essiac Tea From Powdered Herbs with These Easy Instructions

Once you learn how to make essiac tea you won't believe how easy and how affordable it is! It's just as easy as boiling a pot of spaghetti. If you buy pre-brewed essiac it will cost over ten times as much as brewing essiac at home with our powdered herbal blend. By brewing essiac at home, you'll also ensure that you have fresh tea that's free of additives and preservatives.

How to Make Essiac Tea: Instructions for a 2-week supply of essiac tea using aggressive/improvement of health dose OR maintenance dose.

Please note: Steps 1 and 2 will vary depending on which level dose you choose. Steps 3 thru 5 are the same regardless. Click here to see the difference between aggressive/improvement of health and maintenance dose. 

Typical Aggressive Dose/Improvement of Health Dose: Brew a 2-week supply (Prepares 1 Gallon)

Aggressive dose/Improvement of health dose is 3-6 oz. of tea three times per day (3 oz. for aggressive and 6 oz. for aggressive plus).

  1. Bring 134 oz. (1 gallon plus 6 oz. to account for evaporation) of filtered water, spring water or distilled water to a boil and reduce to a simmer.

  2. Add 4 oz. of the essiac herbs. For accuracy, weigh your herbs on a kitchen scale (a very rough approximation of 4 oz. herbs--which weighs 113 grams - is 1 1/4 cups of herbs when using dry measurement cups. If you don't already own one, purchase a small inexpensive home kitchen scale as soon as possible. Weighing is much more accurate due to the fact that the powdered herbs can pack and settle a large amount over time).

Typical Maintenance Dose: Brew a 2-week Supply

Maintenance dose is 3 oz. of tea twice per day.

  1. Boil 88 oz. of water in a large pot.

  2. Add 2.67 oz. of the essiac herbs blend. Please weigh your herbs on a kitchen scale to ensure you have the correct amount. A rough approximation if you have to use dry measurement cups is a rounded 1/2 cup.

To How to Make Essiac Tea One Quart at a Time

  1. Boil 34 oz. of water in a large pot.

  2. Add 1 oz. of the essiac herbs blend. Please weigh your herbs on a kitchen scale to ensure you have the correct amount. A rough approximation if you have to use dry measurement cups is 1/4 cup.

Here are the rest of the instructions on how to make essiac tea...

(in any size batch): 

3. Turn the heat down to medium and let the tea simmer for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

4. Turn the heat off, cover the pan completely, and leave the mixture sitting at room temperature for twelve hours. 

5. The following day, stir the tea vigorously to disperse the remnants of the herbs throughout the mixture* and store it in a pitcher of your choosing. Refrigerate. 

*You must leave the herb particles in the tea - DO NOT strain the herbs. Because these are powdered herbs, you don't have to strain them out - the herbs are fine enough to be taken as you drink the tea. The herbs themselves are an important part of the tea. These instructions on how to make essiac tea come directly from Rene Caisse. Even though it costs us more to supply you with powdered herbs just as Rene Caisse used, this is the best way to make essiac and the only way we recommend. When companies mention that you can strain the herbs out, they are deviating from her recommendations in order to sell a "prettier" product. Don't fall for it! You can stir the pitcher with a large spoon before pouring each and every dose so that some of the herb particles are consumed with each serving. Pour right away so that you get some of the herbs into your serving. We like to use an open-topped pitcher such as the kind you'd use for iced tea to make it convenient to stir the pitcher.

How to Make Essiac Tea: Additional Tips

how to make essiac teaMost customers are absolutely shocked when they realize how easy it is to make their own essiac tea right at home!
  • Do not try to brew essiac tea more than two weeks ahead: it will stay good for about 14 days, but after that you should make a fresh batch of tea. Shake the container well before pouring your dosages to disperse the herb particles throughout the tea.
  • If you find it difficult to drink essiac straight, you may mix your essiac tea with natural fruit or vegetable juice or stevia. It's recommended to consume essiac tea cold in order to avoid overcooking the tea after it's been cooked the first time. 
  • The most consistent results over the years with essiac come when the doses are taken on an empty stomach. This means to avoid eating two hours before and one hour after administering essiac. However, if you must eat and take essiac at the same time, that is much better than skipping your essiac dose entirely.

Why is there "sludge" at the bottom of my container? Can I throw it out?

The herbs are important to consume as part of each dose. Therefore, please do not strain and throw out the particles at the bottom after you brew essiac tea. It's important to get some of these particles into each and every dose. The most effective way to do this for most people is to use a large wooden spoon to stir the pitcher before pouring each dose. You can leave the lid off your container to make this more convenient. Stirring tends to work better than shaking especially when the pitcher is full.

Purchase your own supply of essiac tea today. It's the same essiac Rene Caisse used.

Essiac tea takes just 10 minutes to prepare once every two weeks. It costs less than $1 per day to use.

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Click here to order our most popular size of essiac: the six month supply at aggressive/improvement of health dose. It lasts 9 months at the maintenance dose.

cats claw essiac

If you'd rather start with a smaller supply of essiac, you can purchase it here. This lasts two months at the aggressive/improvement of health dose, or three months at the maintenance dose.

Disclaimer: Essiac is not FDA tested and has not been FDA approved as a treatment or cure for any health problem. We do not represent it as such on this site. We explain how to make essiac tea on this site based upon the recommendations of Rene Caisse. You must determine whether essiac is a product you should pursue. We have provided accounts and descriptions that represent the opinions of a variety of experts as well as actual users of essiac. We believe that our formula is the best essiac formula being sold in the world, and that our essiac tea ingredients are of the highest quality. However, we do not endorse anything on this site as medical fact.

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