"The Doctors Scratched Their Heads In Disbelief As They Looked Over My Charts, Completely Baffled As To How My Cancer Had Simply Disappeared..."

Who else wants to learn why millions who have cancer, diabetes or heart problems won't start the day without drinking their first serving of essiac tea?

essiac herbal teaEssiac tea is the one secret doctors don't want you to know about.

f you've been wondering what you can do to take your health into your own hands (and let's face it, you care much more about your health than some doctor)...then this will be the most exciting letter you ever read. Anyone with a health problem would kill for the information you are about to uncover!

Here is why so many people are ecstatic about essiac:

Essiac tea is taken for a variety of health problems, but most commonly for cancer, diabetes, and conditions that cause pain such as fibromyalgia. Essiac tea is a blend of eight herbs that have proven medicinal properties. The combination of herbs apparently works by boosting your body's immune system so that your body can rid itself of illness, disease...and even tumors! Essiac tea works by removing heavy metals, detoxifying the liver, and rebuilding the immune system. All of this helps restore the body to a level to where it is able to better defeat the illness using it's own resources. You'll have more energy and feel ten years younger!

People who are using traditional treatments such as prescription medication, chemotherapy, and radiation are heavy essiac tea users. People who are treating themselves using alternative and homeopathic medicines also take essiac tea. The most commonly reported effects during the first weeks of taking essiac are increased energy and improved sense of well-being. Imagine being able to enjoy the sights and sounds of a nice, sunny day spent outside, rather than being in bed all day feeling lousy! Imagine how great it will feel to have energy to work or spend time with your loved ones. If you have been struggling to force yourself to eat due to lack of appetite, essiac can stir your cravings again, because they make foods smell and taste better so that you can enjoy eating again. You will say goodbye to days spend lying around, and say hello to facing the day with renewed vigor, energy, and health.

I know you have an open mind toward alternative health because you have found our site. You are smart to be interested in alternative health, because it can be a very effective option. The fact is, even "conventional" medicine has it's origins in simple plants and herbs that are present in nature...for instance, aspirin comes from willow bark, and penicillin comes from a mold.

I'll bet you think I'm pulling your leg about how great essiac tea is, right? Hey, I thought this sounded too good to be true, too.

Here is why you should give essiac a chance:

We have been selling this tea for over 20 years - and we have thousands of people that order over and over again each year, and who refer friends and family to us. Once these people feel better, they reduce their dosage to maintenance level, but still continue to take the tea because they don't want to go back to the way they used to feel. Essiac tea must be doing something if people continue to take it for all that time! Just the fact that all of these people who were diagnosed with cancer are still alive speaks volumes. Many of these people have been able to stop taking expensive prescriptions with uncomfortable side effects due to essiac...which means they've gained health and saved money. But you have to be careful: you won't save money buying essiac tea just anywhere.

Most companies charge a fortune for essiac (and they can justify it, because essiac is such a successful product). At Bulk-Essiac-Tea.com, you can save money on your essiac tea, whether you're a re-seller or you or someone you love is using essiac tea.

Who we are and why we have chosen to sell essiac for less

Bryan Paulhus manufactures the essiac for Bulk-Essiac-Tea.com. Bryan had been manufacturing essiac tea for his mother's essiac business for fourteen years. Her essiac business involved mail order customers and some health food store distributors (Dr. Charles Brusch, a physician who worked alongside the Canadian nurse Rene Caisse at the Brusch Medical Center, had given her the eight herb essiac formula he found to be most effective. Rene Caisse is the woman to whom essiac is originally credited - in fact, the word "essiac" is "Caisse" spelled backwards).

In 2004, Bryan asked Gina if she would create an essiac website so that more people could learn about essiac and purchase it if they wished at a reasonable price. Gina and Bryan share the same goal: that the millions of essiac tea users (as well as future users) will be able to enjoy this herbal tea in a more affordable manner.

Gina and Bryan decided to use no-frills discount packaging and avoid large overhead costs
such as a retail outlet in order to produce essiac at the lowest possible cost, while maintaining high quality.

Gina and Bryan have been able to make arrangements with herb suppliers that allow them to obtain high-quality herbs at a discount with the understanding that they will be buying thousands of pounds of herbs every month, because they had faith that customers would eat up the lower cost essiac.

The eight herb formula Gina and Bryan offer on this website has led to millions of satisfied customers. Bryan has fourteen years of experience making and distributing eight herb essiac tea, and Gina has researched the history of essiac and posted her findings on the website. Bryan is available to answer questions over the telephone (978-504-9517) and Gina is available to answer questions via our contact form. Gina and Bryan both had full-time day jobs and weren't necessarily planning for the essiac site to make lots of sales...at least not right away. However, people have responded so well to our site that we can hardly keep up with the orders lately, and we are in the process of adding to our staff to help us handle all of the business!

Essiac tea sparks controversy because some people believe that four herb essiac tea is preferable, while others firmly believe in eight herb essiac tea.

Let's look at the facts:

1. Dr. Charles Brusch and Rene Caisse researched a variety of eight herb formulas and found them to be superior to four herb blends.

2. The recipe we use has been tested and perfected for over 100 years now - ever since it's first traceable origins to an Ojibwa Medicine Man in 1896.

Bulk-Essiac-Tea.com carries only eight herb essiac, and our reasoning is simple and straightforward: the people we know who take eight herb essiac are doing better than those taking four herb essiac - end of story!

A doctor speaks

Dr. Brusch has stated, "Clinically, on patients suffering from pathologically proven cancer, [essiac] reduces pain and causes a recession in the growth; patients have gained weight and shown an improvement in their general health...Remarkably beneficial results were obtained even on those cases at the 'end of the road' where it proved to prolong life and the quality of that life...The doctors do not say that essiac is a cure, but they do say it is of benefit."

Over 1 million people have taken the eight herb essiac we carry: in fact, on average we've been doubling the number of pounds we ship every 92 days! We send an average of 827 pounds of essiac herbs per week all over the world, including South Africa, Indonesia, Great Britain, and Australia. This is enough to prepare over 3308 gallons of tea, every week (And a single dose is only 3 ounces...)!

While the most common reason for taking essiac is an attempt to rid the body of cancerous tumors, essiac is also considered by many to be a blood sugar regulator, a respiratory agent, and even a "beauty" tea (known for improving the appearance and health of the skin and hair). It works on so many body systems and for so many diseases in the body because it's primary action is to detoxify the liver. If the liver has too many toxins (which is actually the norm this day and age - almost everyone has a "toxic liver), every single body system is affected because the liver can no longer do its job. If your liver is toxic, you will be susceptible to a variety of health problems. There are many reasons why your liver may be toxic: there are toxins present in our food, in our water, and even in the air we breathe! Basically, if you ever leave the house, consume anything that isn't pure and natural, or even breathe the air in most parts of the world, you will be susceptible to toxins accumulating in your body. If you eat processed foods, are ever around cigarette smoke, or drink alcohol, you are at an even greater risk of having toxins that are harmful to your health.

I Wasn't Always "Into" Alternative Health

I am embarrassed to admit this, but I must tell you that I used to blow off natural and alternative health as total hogwash. I thought the claims that some of the stuff worked better than "real" medicine was a joke. I finally started paying attention to products such as essiac when I saw how many customers a local essiac business had. I thought, "gee, maybe there is something to this." I agreed to create an essiac website for my friend Bryan, and figured that I might as well try taking essiac myself and also begin researching it, since I would probably need to be able to answer customers' questions about it.

The Best Doctors in Massachusetts Couldn't Even Help Me

Fortunately, I do not have cancer or any other highly serious health problems. However, I began taking essiac anyway as a general health supplement. I did suffer from a few health conditions, including mild to moderate asthma, poor circulation, edema, blood sugar regulation problems, and insomnia at times. I never expected essiac to help me with these problems, though - I had pretty much resigned myself to living with them. I was ecstatic when, about three days into taking essiac, my asthma VANISHED! I used to carry an inhaler with me at all times because I needed it to breathe when I had an asthma attack. Now, I don't even OWN one: I simply don't need it anymore! Another benefit I received from essiac was with my circulation. I always had very poor circulation, especially in my hands and feet, coupled with water retention and consequent swelling in those areas. The doctors (even the world-renowned specialists at the Lahey Clinic) couldn't tell me what the problem was or how to help it, although they said it was similar to Raynaud's Disease. Essiac has improved my circulation tremendously! I no longer have freezing cold hands and feet, and I actually went down a shoe size because the water retention in my legs and feet has DISAPPEARED! Before, I couldn't stand in one place for more than an hour, or else my feet would throb with pain. Now, I can stand all day, no problem! I have noticed that I sleep through the night much better too, and my appetite (especially for sweets) has dropped, which allowed me to lose 20 lbs. (something I had been trying to do for awhile). My blood sugar remains steady throughout the day, which means I don't feel ravenously hungry all of a sudden, like I used to...such a relief! (Essiac is reported to increase the appetite for those who are underweight, and decrease it for those who are overweight).

Now, I wasn't expecting essiac to fix all these problems of mine, but it did and I was very pleasantly surprised! People who call and order tell me all the time that they believe essiac has rid their bodies of cancerous tumors...or controlled their diabetes without insulin...or finally given them the pain relief that nothing else has...essiac is as close to miracle as anything I've ever heard about!

Essiac has challenged the status quo of ineffective health treatment options: we can say this just by the virtue that so many of our customers (many of whom had been given terminal diagnoses) are still alive today. Even so, we'd be lying to you if we told you that essiac will definitely cure your disease. Essiac may not work this dramatically for everyone. However, over 99% of the people who take essiac consistently reap enough benefit from it that they wish to continue taking essiac.

The harsh reality that other companies won't tell you

Essiac must be taken consistently for a period of time for it to work most effectively. You cannot just take essiac for a weekend and expect something big to happen. The longer the length of time you have for essiac to get into your system, the better chance you have that essiac will work well for you. For example, it can take up to five months of consistent usage for essiac to provide you with a significant, tangible benefit that you can notice and feel. If you or your loved one is so ill that you don't believe you even have six months, the harsh reality is that you may not be able to save your life. You should still try essiac, because as far as we know, essiac is the best hope you have. The good news is that essiac tends to improve the health of everyone, no matter how sick the person is. From what we can tell, everyone on conventional treatments at least feels better on essiac. However, we must be honest and explain to you that essiac can take months to yield its full effects. Essiac must be given a chance to become integrated into all the body systems so that it can begin to work. Some people feel better right away because essiac has all sorts of short-term AND long-term effects, but for some it takes longer to notice a benefit.

The bottom line is this: I personally recommend essiac first and foremost to any friend or relative I care about who has cancer or another serious illness - I believe that strongly in essiac.

Here's a short list of satisfied customers, including people who suffer (or used to suffer from cancer, diabetes, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue syndrome, among other things.

These customers were absolutely stunned at how well essiac helped them (that something finally worked), and were literally sobbing with joy as they told us their stories.

"My doctor is worried also because I am obviously slipping (since I stopped essiac). He says he can't recommend essiac (which makes me so angry!) but we both know that it's the only thing that has changed in my regimen..."

"I have cancer and I need to order some more essiac tea. I need essiac sent to me as soon as possible. Let me tell you what happened to me..."

"I had become very sick with cancer last year. It got to the point that I was told I would be dead by December. I couldn't stay awake for more than a few hours at a time, and I couldn't speak clearly anymore. My tongue had swollen from the chemo."

"I heard about essiac tea and tried it in a last ditch effort to save my life. I continued the chemo but added essiac tea to my regimen. I couldn't believe how quickly I noticed an increase in energy. Then my hair started growing back, both on my head and my eyelashes and such. A few months later, all my tumors were gone. My doctor said, "Whatever you're doing, keep it up, this is a miracle!"

"I am religious and I believe that faith can heal. In addition, I believe the chemo and radiation helped me. However, I do not think I would be alive today if not for the essiac tea. The reason I say this is because, once my tumors were gone and I felt better, I ran out of essiac and didn't buy more. I didn't think I needed it anymore. Well, I was wrong. My hair started falling out and I had no energy. My platelet count is up again. This started happening a little over a month ago, a few weeks after I stopped the essiac tea. I had been meaning to get more but I kept putting it off. My friend gave me some other tea to try; he called it "miracle tea." I don't know what was in it, but it did nothing for me. It's not like essiac. Now I feel desperate: I need to get more essiac in me. I feel like crap without it and I'm worried that my tumors will come back, if they haven't already."

"My doctor is worried also because I am obviously slipping. He says he can't recommend essiac (which makes me so angry!) but we both know that it's the only thing that has changed in my regimen. I recommend that everyone with cancer take essiac. I believe you should take traditional treatments like chemo in addition to essiac for best results. All I can go by is how I reacted, but it truly has been a miracle for me. Essiac tea is absolutely amazing and I feel it saved my life."

"I have been using the four herbs for three years now. I just now found out about the eight herb essiac and want to see if it works better for me. I am alive now because of essiac."

"My doctors had me undergo surgery, chemo, and radiation, but it didn't stop the cancer. They recommended that I go through all of it again. I just couldn't face that, though. I decided to try essiac tea and everything got better. So I stopped the tea thinking everything would be fine, but the cancer grew back. I had no energy and so much pain. As long as I stay on the tea my tumors shrink and I feel much better. I am hoping the eight herb essiac is even more effective for me."

"Hello Gina! Your product is incredible. I suffer from a number of physical disabilities, and EVERY category of my lab results came back improved! After only one month of your essiac tea!!

"After 6 weeks of being on the aggressive dose for essiac I put the diabetic "paper" or lab results (5.6) to the ultimate test. I fasted all day (for scriptural reasons) w/water only. Not only did I not get the shakes from skipping meals or go into a hypoglycemic state, I didn't get hungry! I kept tabs on my sugar levels every 2 hours or so, and my levels stayed in the 90`s all day long. I have documented this for my primary care doctor and my nutritionist. According to them, this can't happen!"

"I need to order some essiac tea. I've been using some that my sister ordered from your website last November. She really believes in essiac tea, and she was so happy she found your site, because your essiac has a much lower price than we've been able to find elsewhere. She was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 1991 and the situation was very bad for a while. She was given a maximum of six months to live. Right around that time she began an aggressive regimen of essiac tea. And she is still here today. She tells everyone who needs it about essiac tea. Getting to my part of the story..."

"I was diagnosed with lung cancer October 21, 2004. I started chemo and radiation December 5. I was feeling so sick from these treatments through the month of December. It was all I could do to get out of bed. No energy, I felt very depressed. I decided to go with the 6 oz. three times per day of your essiac tea because I am receiving the chemo and radiation. After four days of this regimen I started feeling like I had been before the chemo and radiation...not perfect, but not like I was at death's door, either. I have continued to feel better as the weeks have gone by, and the best news is that the tumor has gone down for the first time as of my last check-up. I will be calling this afternoon to place my order. May God Bless."

"I've been suffering from hypothyroidism and hypoglycemia since 1997, which has lead to a 50 pound weight gain (5-10 pounds a year from 1997 to 2004). I'm on premarin right now. I went online to research herbal remedies because I figured I had nothing to lose (but the weight, ha ha). I came across some essiac testimonials from diabetics and people with hypoglycemia. I decided to order some essiac and give it a try."

"Now I've been on it for over six months. Looking back, I realize now that I probably had accumulated a lot of toxins that made my thyroid become sluggish. I say this because not only has the weight began to come off without a change in diet (purposefully, anyway) but I've noticed that my skin has become clear, I feel much more energetic, and my constant headaches have disappeared. I seemed to be in pain for something or other almost all of the time. My family thought I was a hypochondriac. I just feel that my body was highly toxic and I was paying the price."

Here is how you can enjoy essiac for so much less than most people pay for it:

It isn't hard at all to make your own essiac, and preparing your own tea at home with herbs from Bulk-Essiac-Tea.com saves a ton of money. Bottled essiac tea costs $40 per 17 oz. of tea or even more  but if you buy your herbs from Bulk-Essiac-Tea.com you can prepare a half-gallon (64 oz!) for just $5.55! Since essiac tea is something you need to take for the long term to fully experience the benefits, cost is an important issue (even though you'll save a ton of money if you can stop other treatments like so many can), but not so when you buy your herbs from us.

Here is why we've decided on this price and why it is a great deal:

We are able to offer you such great prices for the following reasons...

  1. We move hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds of essiac per week. This means that we are able to buy our herbs at a discount, and mix and package them more efficiently.
  2. We have incredibly low costs on our herbs because of the volume we purchase and the deals with our suppliers we've been able to arrange.
  3. We "bypass the middleman" by selling directly to you from the warehouse.
  4. We use discount packaging.
  5. We have no retail affiliation.

The lower price of our essiac is due to all of the above reasons - it is NOT due to poor quality. In fact, we ALWAYS use fresh, pesticide-free herbs. The herbs are mixed on a daily basis immediately before packaging. None of the herbs in our formula have been sprayed with any chemicals or any additional substances. Our essiac includes ONLY the following eight herbs: blessed thistle, burdock root, kelp, red clover, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, turkey rhubarb root, and watercress.

We feel it is important that this herbal tea is available to the public for a fair and reasonable price. The average retailer makes a huge profit margin on their essiac. We are operating at a much lower profit margin, but we believe that we will make up for that with more orders than every other company. We know that we have a quality product at a great price, and it's just a matter of time before more and more people find out about us!

Your herbs will come to you fully blended. We are meticulous about using fresh herbs (plus we're selling so much essiac that we have no choice but to use fresh herbs: the herb farms can't keep up with us!) and we are absolutely neurotic about maintaining the exact ratios required for the most effective essiac tea. Each batch is carefully measured, weighed, and double-checked by hand to ensure that each and every order is made according to specifications of Rene Caisse, the Canadian Nurse to whom essiac tea is credited.

You can choose between bulk packaging (most economical) or pre-measured 4 oz. packets (most convenient), that each prepare exactly one gallon of tea. The bulk essiac costs $11.18/lb., and the pre-measured packets cost $13.31/lb. A pound makes 4 gallons of tea, which will last you between 8 and 24 weeks, depending on how much essiac you decide to take. The only difference between the bulk and the pre-measured essiac is that, when you go to brew your tea every two weeks, if you had the bulk herbs you would need to weigh your herbs on a kitchen scale (to obtain the 4 oz.), as it wouldn't already be portioned out for you. Basically, we charge extra for the time it takes us to measure the essiac for you rather than you having to do it yourself. Many people start with the 4 oz. pre-measured packets for simplicity's sake, but when they re-order they go with the bulk.

All of our herbs are certified pesticide-free, chemical-free, non-irradiated, and are grown domestically in the U.S. We do not use organic herbs because we have not found that organic herbs work any better than the inorganic ones, and therefore we can't justify the higher cost of the organic herbs. Further information about our suppliers can be found on our website.

We understand that you may be wary to buy essiac from a company over the internet that you've never met and have no reason to trust. While we can't prove to you we're legit, please keep in mind: we have the lowest cost essiac anywhere. If we were trying to scam you to make money, why would we charge less than everybody else? Also, if our product didn't really work, wouldn't we charge more

Here's why you can feel confident you aren't risking a dime when you order our essiac:

We offer a money-back guarantee if you take essiac for at least six months and don't feel any better!

Essiac is such a phenomenal health product that we have yet to receive a request for a refund, but we will gladly honor it if you find that essiac does not help you at all. We also guarantee that you will not find essiac for less anywhere in the world: we are POSITIVE there is no better essiac value out there. In fact, we're so sure of that, we will price-match the competition AND BEAT THEM by 10% if you ever DID find essiac for less! You won't find fresher essiac made more attentively and meticulously anywhere else, no matter how long and hard you search. And NO ONE is more dedicated to customer service than Gina and Bryan at Bulk-Essiac-Tea.com.

Here is how soon you can expect results:

Many people notice the positive effects or more energy, more strength, and general feelings of increased well-being during their first week of taking essiac. However, we recommend taking your essiac religiously for at least five months until you decide whether or not you're receiving a benefit from it.

Here is how essiac does what it does:

The magic is in the eight essiac tea ingredients, and the ratios in which they are blended. These herbs all have proven claims, validated by the F.D.A. Here they are:

  1. Blessed Thistle. Blessed thistle is used for digestive problems such as gas, constipation, and upset stomach (This herb was also used for liver and gallbladder diseases).
  2. Burdock Root. Burdock root is a mild diuretic: It may increase the production of both urine and sweat, potentially making it useful in treating swelling and fever. Burdock root can help prevent liver damage caused by alcohol, chemicals, or medications. The exact reason for this protective effect is not known, but it is thought to involve opposition of a chemical process called oxidation, which occurs in the body. One result of oxidation is the release of oxygen free radicals, natural chemicals that can suppress immune function. Antioxidants such as burdock may protect body cells from damage caused by oxidation.
  3. Kelp. Kelp is one of the most nutritious "foods" in the world! One serving alone is worth buckets full of fruits and vegetables. The high iodine content in kelp helps your body regulate it's thyroid hormones, which are necessary for maintaining normal metabolism in all cells of the body (this makes maintaining energy levels and a health body weight a breeze!)
  4. Red Clover. This common plant is a source of many valuable nutrients, including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. Red clover is a rich sources of isoflavones (water-soluble chemicals that act like estrogens and are found in many plants). The isoflavones isolated from red clover have been studied for their effectiveness in treating some forms of cancer. Isoflavones can stop the growth of cancer cells in its tracks - they may even destroy cancer cells.
  5. Sheep Sorrel. Sheep sorrel contains oxalic acid, sodium, potassium, iron, manganese, phosphorous, beta-carotene, and vitamin C. It is a mild diuretic, mild antiseptic, and a mild laxative.
  6. Slippery Elm Bark. If you apply slippery elm bark to your skin it will heal cuts and bruises rapidly, and provide relief for aching joints. A little-known trick is that slippery elm bark can alleviate sore throats. Slippery elm bark is also used for constipation and diarrhea.
  7. Turkey Rhubarb Root. This detoxifying herb is world-famous for its healing properties. Rhubarb root purges the body of bile, parasites and a stagnating food by stimulating the gall duct to expel toxic waste matter. It has been shown to alleviate chronic liver problems by cleansing the liver. Rhubarb root improves digestion and increase the appetite. It has also been shown to help heal ulcers, alleviate disorders of the spleen and colon, relieve constipation, and help heal hemorrhoids and bleeding in the upper digestive tract.
  8. Watercress. High in Vitamin C, Watercress is used as a general tonic, and its bitter taste is thought to stimulate the appetite and improve digestion. It can be used to alleviate nervous conditions, constipation, and liver disorders. Watercress is known as a remedy for cough and bronchitis. It contains a remarkable substance called rhein, and rhein appears to inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in the intestines. It is believed that rhein is also effective against Candida albicans, fever and inflammation, and pain.

Of course, the magic of essiac goes beyond the benefits you find in the eight individual herbs by themselves. Here are specific examples of the results many people notice from using essiac tea.

Essiac Tea...

1. Prevents the buildup of excess fatty deposits in artery walls, heart, kidney and liver.

2. Regulates cholesterol levels by transforming sugar and fat into energy: and without the side effects and unwanted weight gain of prescriptions such as Lipitor.

3. Destroys parasites in the digestive system and throughout the body, so you get sick less and ward off infection...naturally.

4. Counteracts the effects of aluminum, lead and mercury poisoning (this has important implications for cancer!)

5. Strengthens and improves the functioning of muscles, organs and tissues.

6. Makes bones, joints, ligaments, lungs, and membranes strong and flexible, and therefore less vulnerable to stress or stress injuries.

7. Nourishes and stimulates the brain and nervous system, possibly preventing autoimmune and degenerative diseases.

8. Promotes the absorption of fluids in the tissues, reducing bloating and water retention that makes you feel sluggish, lethargic, and unattractive.

9. Removes toxic accumulations in the fat, lymph, bone marrow, bladder, and alimentary canals.

10. Neutralizes acids, absorbs toxins in the bowel, and eliminates both. More effective and gentler than over-the-counter laxatives!

11. Clears the respiratory channels by dissolving and expelling mucus: you won't need cough syrup or an expectorant nearly as much, even during cold season...your friends will wonder how you are managing to skirt the cold that's "going around!"

12. Relieves the liver of its burden of detoxification by converting fatty toxins into water-soluble substances that can then be easily eliminated through the kidneys.

13. Assists the liver in producing lecithin, which forms part of the myelin sheath, a white fatty material that encloses nerve fibers.

14. Reduces, perhaps eliminates, heavy metal deposits in tissues (especially those surrounding the joints) to reduce inflammation and stiffness: a permanent pain reliever, minus the stomach ulcers as a side effect!

15. Improves the functioning of the pancreas and spleen by increasing the effectiveness of insulin: can be more effective at managing diabetes than insulin shots!

16. Purifies the blood.

17. Increases red cell production, and keeps them from rupturing. This means more color in your skin and more energy to do all you want to do!

18. Increases the body's ability to utilize oxygen by raising the oxygen level in the tissue cells. This improves endurance, and circulation to ALL regions of the body...yes, I'll leave that one to your imagination. Let's just say Viagra has its rival!

19. Maintains the balance between potassium and sodium within the body so that the fluid inside and outside each cell is regulated: in this way, cells are nourished with nutrients and are also cleansed. Also reduces water retention, puffiness, and bloating.

20. Converts calcium and potassium oxalates into a harmless form by making them solvent in the urine. Regulates the amount of oxalic acid delivered to the kidneys, thus reducing the risk of stone formation in the gall bladder, kidneys, or urinary tract.

21. Protects against toxins entering the brain: this needs no further explanation!

22. Protects the body against radiation and X-rays (medical procedures that can do more harm than good!)

23. Relieves pain with no side effects, and for less cost than ibuprofen!

24. Speeds up wound healing by regenerating the damaged area.

25. Increases the production of antibodies like lymphocytes and T-cells in the thymus gland, which is the defender of our immune system. Translation: you get sick less!

26. Inhibits benign growths and tumors, which leads to greater peace of mind and fewer doctor's visits.

27. Protects the cells against free radicals that are known to cause cancer.

28. Increases the appetite for healthful foods, which will help you improve your diet and maintain an ideal body weight.

29. Decreases sugar cravings due to better blood sugar control: you will lose unwanted body fat and have more energy!

30. Increases energy along with an improved sense of well being. Hey, when your body is healthier, you JUST FEEL BETTER!

At Bulk-Essiac-Tea.com, you can save buckets of money on your essiac tea, whether you're a re-seller or you or someone you love is using essiac tea.

If you buy pre-bottled essiac tea, you will pay at least 16 TIMES what you pay for essiac here at Bulk-Essiac-Tea.com (Yes, you read that right!) If you're taking an aggressive dose, your cost to take essiac tea works out to be $22.24/month (or $14.68/month if you're taking the maintenance or preventive dose) - and there is no minimum order size (We even sell just 1 lb. at that price: we don't require you to buy 10 lb. or more to take advantage of such a low price per pound, like most companies!)

We have chosen to use an inexpensive packaging method and keep our overhead low at Bulk-Essiac-Tea.com. We've chosen to pass our savings along to you, which means that it will cost you just $0.08 cents per ounce to drink our tea. When you buy 3 lb. 4 oz. of essiac at once you'll pay $134.97, which works out to be $41.52 per lb. This even beats other company's wholesaler's prices by a landslide!

The essiac herbs are relatively inexpensive but too many marketers charge outrageous product prices. Floressence sells a 2.2 oz. box for $46 which means you paying about $334 per pound for the herbs. When compared to our $41.52, it's a no brainer. And the same 8 herbs are present in each blend!

At Bulk-Essiac-Tea.com you skip the middleman and all overhead costs, and virtually all packaging costs and simply get the incredible, life-saving product for literally PENNIES per dose!

Here's what to expect with your order: Our eight herb formula comes to you fully blended and manufactured so that the ratios of herbs are maintained even when you purchase a large bag of pre-mixed herbs from us. All of our herbs are pesticide-free and come from highly reputable companies. You have the choice of ordering in bulk packaging and weighing doses yourself (only needs to be done once every 2 weeks) or letting us to the "dirty work" and ordering your herbs in bundles of 4-oz. packets from us. However, All orders come with complete brewing and dosage instructions, and we are always available for customer support via phone and e-mail. We will almost always respond to your questions within 24 hours.

Here's how to order your own supply of essiac tea:

For fastest ordering, please use our Ordering Guide and secure shopping cart or our Quick Order page and secure shopping cart. For telephone orders, just call 978-504-9517, and tell Bryan you which order size you would like (most popular, by far, is the 3 lb. 4 oz. essiac in pre-measured packets (6 months worth on the aggressive dose schedule). Be sure to tell her that you would like the coupon pack with your order. You can use all major credit cards. 

Here's when to expect your essiac to arrive:

If you order with a credit card or PayPal online or over the phone, we strive to process and ship your order within 24-48 hours from the time you placed it. Over 99% of the time we have your order out within 48 hours. Once in awhile our herb suppliers can't keep up with us and we are short on one or two of the necessary herbs for a day or two, which delays our shipment of your order. We will contact you if we are running behind. We do ship on Saturdays most weeks, although we close our week's orders generally at 5pm EST Friday. If you choose ground shipping, expect your tea to arrive in 7-10 business days, although it often arrives in 3-5 business days FROM THE DATE WE SHIPPED YOUR ORDER. If you require faster shipping, please choose 2-3 day Priority Mail in our shopping cart.

Here's why you shouldn't think any more and should just go ahead and give essiac a try:

You don't risk a penny! Because you're covered by our famous... 6 month 100% Money-Back No Risk Guarantee!

Order essiac and give it your own personal "test run." Take it for a full six months. If you haven't experienced any benefit from essiac tea, simply return the remaining portion and we'll rush you a complete refund of every penny. No questions asked. No hassle. No delay.

Here is why you should order TODAY:

We can't promise we'll be able to keep our prices this low forever. The president of our company is really pouring the pressure on for us to raise them, and some of our suppliers have raised the prices of our herbs. The more business we do at this current price, the better case we will have to keep prices the same, if not lower in the future.

You see, we're offering this amazing bargain on essiac as part of a business test. We would like to see how many people decide to order essiac from our company. If enough people make the switch to our company or begin ordering from our company, we will be in a better position to negotiate with our suppliers, which is the only way we can keep the price down to what it is long-term.

However, all money issues aside, how would you feel if you or a loved one took a turn for the worse...and you WISH you had tried essiac tea sooner? Trust us, you don't want to know...we've heard the heartbreaking stories on the other end of the line too many times. People sometimes wait until it's really too late to try essiac, as essiac sometimes requires up to 5 months of continuous use to produce it's effects. Procrastination and doubt really can kill in instances like this.

Remember, you can order through our online ordering guide and secure shopping cart, our Quick Online Order page and secure shopping cart, over the telephone by calling Bryan at 978-504-9517.

P.S. - Still not sure? Take a look at what a few of the millions who have taken essiac tea have to say... Essiac Tea Testimonials

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