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What is essiac tea?

Most people, when they first hear about the word, wonder "what is essiac tea?" The tea is named after the Canadian nurse who popularized it's use. "Essiac" is the name "Caisse" - spelled backwards. Put simply, essiac is blend of eight herbs in particular ratios, all of which are known to have immune-boosting, health-promoting properties. When taken together (brewed as a tea), essiac is believed to strengthen the immune system and help the body purify itself of toxins. As a result, the body becomes more capable of fighting off illness and disease. Essiac supports and enhances the body's ideal functioning which makes it an ideal choice with minimal side effects.

what is essiac teaLearn what essiac tea is, where it came from and what it's used for.

Essiac contains eight herbs: in alphabetical order they are blessed thistle, burdock root, kelp, sheep sorrel, slippery elm bark, red clover, turkish rhubarb root, and watercress. The formula is a synergistic one, meaning that the combination of the herbs in specific ratios creates a different result than taking the herbs by themselves. The herbs can work together in a way that increases the beneficial effects.

Essiac is called a "tea" because it is brewed, but it isn't taken like regular tea. It is brewed in a large batch (most typically a gallon) and stored in the fridge. The dose is usually just 3 oz. at a time, which is just under 1/2 cup liquid measure. The doses are served cold straight from the refrigerator.

In some health food stores, you will see essiac being sold under the name "Flor Essence." The same eight herbs are found in that formula as in this essiac.

If you see a four-herb "essiac" it is not in your best interests to use it. Rene Caisse found that the eight herb tea worked better and that was her suggestion on what to use. Our observations support this.

What is Essiac Tea? One man's description.

One of the most common questions we get is on how to pronounce essiac. 

The fact is that there really IS no "correct" way to say essiac. Depending on which region of the country you are from, you may pronounce it differently.

The most common essiac pronunciation is S-E-ack (The letter "S" like you would say in the alphabet, followed by the letter "E" like you would say in the alphabet, followed by 'ack' prounounced like "hack" but without the 'h').


Click here to hear the word "essiac" pronounced.

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