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Essiac Herbal Extract Formula isn't a Bad Choice - But Essiac Powder You Make Into a Tea is Better.

Many people don't know that essiac herbal extract formula is not the most cost effective way to take essiac. It's also not Rene Caisse Approved.

Essiac herbal extract formulas are popular for good reason - they are portable and convenient. You can take them pretty much anywhere. However, that convenience comes at a price.

The first problem with using essiac tea herbal extract is that the herbs are removed from the blend when you consume it.

Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch performed research on essiac tea from the years of 1959 through 1967 at the Brusch Medical Research Center. They were able to determine that the best way of taking essiac tea was to use an eight herb formula made from powdered herbs. They were also able to determine that actually consuming the powdered herbs is better than straining them out and throwing them away. 

Essiac extracts simply can't contain the powdered herbs because there isn't room in the bottle - the herbs are too bulky. Therefore, you are compromising results when you use an essiac herbal extract formula rather than

essiac herbal extract formulaEssiac herbal extract formulas don't hold a candle to real essiac tea.

***We use the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in our formula!***

But essiac herbal extract formulas are so much more convenient...right?

They are more convenient - there is no doubting that. However, many people don't realize just how easy it is to make powdered essiac herbs into essiac tea, just as Rene Caisse did! It takes just 10 minutes once every two weeks. You can see the full instructions here.

Of course, you do have to take the essiac on an empty stomach for best results, and it does need to be kept in the fridge. However, you can always take some with you with a few ice cubes in order to be able to take your servings while you are out and about.

For times when you might be doing more extensive travel and you won't even be able to brew or keep the tea, we recommend high quality capsules as your best choice. This company uses the same formula we do, and it's a company we trust!

Did you know that essiac extracts cost so much more than powdered essiac herbs?

The most popular brand of essiac herbal tea extract costs $71 at last check for a 10.5 oz. bottle. The bottle only lasts a week. This means that the extract costs $10.14 per day to use. Our powdered herbs cost less than $0.75 per day to use!! You aren't going to find a better deal anywhere - and you're getting the same powdered herbs that Rene Caisse used and recommended when you go with the powdered essiac. 

Purchase your own supply of essiac tea today. It's the same essiac Rene Caisse used.

Essiac tea takes just 10 minutes to prepare once every two weeks. It costs less than $1 per day to use.

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Click here to order our most popular size of essiac: the six month supply at aggressive/improvement of health dose. It lasts 9 months at the maintenance dose.

cats claw essiac

If you'd rather start with a smaller supply of essiac, you can purchase it here. This lasts two months at the aggressive/improvement of health dose, or three months at the maintenance dose.

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