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8 Herb Essiac Can Be Hard to Find, But It's The Absolute Best Type of Essiac Tea Available

The term "Original Essiac" is nothing more than a misleading marketing ploy. Learn Why.

***Our 8 herb essiac tea formula uses the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots. It's 20% root.***

Like everything else, original versions of medicines, herbal or otherwise, aren't necessarily the best - in fact, it's rare that the very first version of anything stays as the best available!

For most products, over time additional research is conducted, tweaks are made, and therefore the effectiveness of products tends to improve over time which each new advancement.

It is in your best interest to buy essiac that has been proven most effective when it's administered orally as a tea - and that's exactly what you have with the most current version of the 8 herb essiac formula - which is the only type that we carry. We offer 8 herb essiac exclusively because we know that it works the best of all types - and the research shows it!

8 herb essiac teaLearn what you really need to look for in terms of finding the best essiac tea available.

We will give you a quick explanation why 8 herb essiac is the one you want to use. We will provide links along the way if you would like to read the full history behind the point we are making here: that the original essiac isn't even available today - and even if it were, it's not your best choice in modern times. 

1. The first thing you should know is that the original essiac was used by Native Americans for the purpose of treating maladies at a time when there was little or no cancer. Rene Caisse was given the essiac formula by a patient in a hospital where she was working, and was astounded that it appeared to have reversed the woman's cancer. However, this version of essiac was not effective in every case; in fact, quite a few people died in spite of being treated with the essiac.

2. After many years of research, doctors developed a version of the essiac formula that was to be injected into the patient. Treatment by injection turned out to yield more consistent results in the patients. All of this information has been documented in a hand-written testimonial by Rene Caisse as well as in signed papers by staff physicians. It's documented in the book "The Essiac Report" by Richard Thomas.

3. Rene Caisse attempted to get permission from the Canadian Ministry of Health to give physicians throughout Canada the go-ahead to inject the essiac formula - but she got nowhere. Around that time, Dr. Brusch's older brother had heard about Rene's work and decided to research the information, and also to have the Canadian Government officially recognize the formula. His efforts were unsuccessful.

4. One of the formulas being tested was an injectable four herb version. This four herb formula was never meant to be consumed orally. In 1959, Rene Caisse decided to take further action. Since physicians weren't allowed to inject this essiac formula without government approval, she was concerned that this valuable formula may be lost forever. Dr. Charles Brusch invited Rene Caisse to the Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in an attempt to develop an oral formula that carried the same efficacy level as the injection.

woman holding eight herb essiacBy taking the time to understand the history, it will be clear as day as to why eight herb essiac is your best choice.

5. In 1977, Rene Caisse signed over a four herb formula to Resperin Corp. of Canada under the stipulation that Resperin completed clinical tests on the formula. The agreement granted permission for the use of essiac as research only, and dictated that if they did not complete these tests, Dr. Charles Brusch would be the only one to have control of the formula (Dr. Brusch and Caisse had performed clinical tests on essiac together from 1959 to 1967). It turns out that Resperin breached the contract by never completing the tests - but they continued to use the formula without permission.

6. After further research, an oral essiac formula was developed that contained eight herbs. This essiac tea formula included the four herbs from the four herb formula, plus eight additional herbs. Dr. Brusch was left the exclusive rights to the formula in 1977 (a year prior to Rene Caisse's death). This formula seemed to be more effective than any other that had come before.

7. The 8 herb essiac tea formula Rene Caisse revealed to Dr. Charles Brusch contained: Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Slippery Elm Back, and Turkey Rhubarb Root, in addition to Blessed Thistle, Watercress, Kelp, and Red Clover. Brusch performed eight years of clinical research on this oral form of essiac. He even took it himself when he fell ill with cancer. Brusch made the claim that this 8 herb essiac tea alone cured his cancer. Read more about Rene Caisse and this new formula here.

8. During a variety of clinical trials, Dr. Brusch and Rene Caisse experimented with essiac capsules, tablets, tinctures, and other administration methods. Time and time again, the method of administering treatment that resulted in the most potent and effective formula was to return the herbs to the liquid after brewing (making Essiac tea with the powdered herbs included). 

9. Rene Caisse passed away in 1978, and Dr. Brusch passed away in 1993. The 8 herb essiac tea formula that was found to work best as a result of the Brusch clinical trials is the most effective form of essiac available today. 

10. We recommend consuming essiac tea exactly the same way as it was in those studies: in tea form, and taken on an empty stomach with the herbs included, and not re-heated (in other words, take it cold). Reheating it risks overprocessing as the cooking process is already complete when the tea is heated once during preparation. Nope, it's not pretty - but it's the best way. And your body deserves only the best! Chug it down like medicine - it's not designed to be a sipping tea. However, feel free to add stevia or all natural fruit or vegetable juice to your essiac tea if that helps you to take it.

For More Information on 8 Herb Essiac Tea

Click here to read more about 8 herb essiac tea and why we know it is superior to those claiming to have original essiac. It would be easier and cheaper for us to sell original four herb essiac, but we would be doing you a huge disservice, and we refuse to do that to our customers.

Purchase your own supply of essiac tea today. It's the same essiac Rene Caisse used.

Essiac tea takes just 10 minutes to prepare once every two weeks. It costs less than $1 per day to use.

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Click here to order our most popular size of essiac: the six month supply at aggressive/improvement of health dose. It lasts 9 months at the maintenance dose.

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If you'd rather start with a smaller supply of essiac, you can purchase it here. This lasts two months at the aggressive/improvement of health dose, or three months at the maintenance dose.

Disclaimer: 8 herb essiac tea is not FDA tested and approved as a treatment or cure for any disease or condition. We do not represent it as such on this site. You must determine whether eight herb essiac can be of any help to you. You also must determine whether using 8 herb essiac tea is an appropriate choice for you. We have provided accounts and descriptions that represent the opinions of experts as well as essiac users. We do not endorse any of these opinions as medical fact.

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