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Receive a free 2 month supply of essiac offer, plus essiac taking tips and benefits.
July 17, 2019

A free 2-month supply of essiac is waiting for you!

We are looking for videos from folks who use essiac. In the 30 to 90 second video, you can include:

-Your name and where you're from

-How you heard about essiac

-How long you've been using essiac

-The benefits you have noticed.

Email the video to or text it to 508-633-7749 and we will ship you out a free 2 month supply of essiac (4 4-oz. bags which is 1 lb. total) as our way of saying "thanks!" We will use the videos on the web to help spread the word about essiac. Submissions are due by 7/20/19.

Essiac Taking Tips

While some folks like the taste of essiac, others find it a bit difficult to drink. We have some tips here, both for you and for your furry friends! Essiac Taking Tips

Essiac Tea Benefits

Every once in awhile it's good to review the potential benefits of using essiac. Check out this list, and get motivated to take your doses!! Essiac Tea Benefits

Until next time!
Gina and Bryan Paulhus
Bulk Essiac Tea
phone: 1-978-504-9517

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