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Learn how to help animals with cancer, and a Free Shipping Coupon Code
February 24, 2021

February 24, 2021

Howdy folks! We hope you are all staying safe and well these days. I have a couple of articles for you as well as a Free Domestic Shipping Coupon Code for you.

Have you ever thought about or gave essiac to your animals with cancer?
You can learn more about how essiac may help an animal with cancer and how to administer it here.

Make sure you're up to speed on the correct dosage of essiac to take.
We recommend the same amount of essiac as Rene Caisse did: 3 oz. of tea three times per day on an empty stomach if you are trying to improve your health, and 3 oz. of tea twice per day on an empty stomach if you are just looking to maintain your health (stay the same). There's more information in this article, including instructions in metric.

Free Shipping Coupon Code
You can use this Free domestic shipping coupon code (for orders of 10 lb. or less) until the end of February: WALRUS

Until next time!

Gina and Bryan Paulhus
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