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SALE $10 to $20 Off Your Order...Essiac Taste Improved
October 26, 2006

October 26, 2006 Issue 08



*UPDATE! Essiac Taste Improved*

*The 7 Most Powerful Lifestyle Changes You Can Make For Your Health*

*Chemistry 101 Flashbacks: Healthy Body = Healthy pH*

*Children Can Take Essiac*

*NEW! Cancer Resources*

*NEW! Cancer Testimonials*

*SALE! $10 or $20 Off Your Next Essiac Order--INTERNET SPECIAL ONLY*

**UPDATE! Essiac Taste Improved**

From approximately March through September 2006, our essiac tasted more bitter than usual. Essiac tea has a slightly bitter taste anyway, but it was much worse than usual from March through September of this year. We continued to test the efficacy of the tea and there was no problem with the performance of the essiac. However, we did not find this increased bitter taste acceptable and have been searching for a solution to the problem.

It turns out that the way our suppliers were storing their herbs made for a more bitter-tasting tea. When we became aware of this, we requested a change in the way the herbs were being stored because the taste of the essiac was unacceptable to us. Almost immediately, the taste returned to normal. Thank you for bearing with us as we worked on the taste problem. Again, the essiac was just as effective as always, so don't worry if you had an extra-bitter batch. You will be pleasantly surprised at the way it tastes now if you should order in the future.

**The 7 Most Powerful Lifestyle Changes You Can Make For Your Health**

You'll dramatically reduce the amount of illness and disease you suffer from, and when you do get sick you'll get well much faster if you follow this time-tested advice. The 7 Most Powerful Lifestyle Changes You Can Make For Your Health.

**Chemistry 101 Flashbacks: Healthy Body = Healthy pH**

The Acid-Base ("base" meaning alkaline) balance is crucial to your health, because disease states flourish in an acidic environment, and your body will never function optimally if your acid-base balance is off. If your body is alkaline, disease, illness, and conditions such as being overweight almost never exist. The primary determinant of whether your body is acidic or alkaline is what your body takes in, which includes foods, drugs, and even what you absorb through your skin.

When these substances are absorbed, the components reach the kidneys as either an acid-forming compound or a base-forming one. The body can accumulate too much acid if you are taking in too many acid-producing compounds. Stress can also cause an acidic environment. Essiac tea is one was to improve your body's pH to combat disease. Click here to learn more about how to improve your body's pH to fight disease naturally.

**Children Can Take Essiac**

It is safe for children to take essiac tea. However, the dose of essiac tea for children should be modifed according to bodyweight and health condition. Click here for children's dosage recommendations for essiac tea.

**NEW! Cancer Resources**

We hope you will find these cancer resources helpful. They offer much-needed assistance for those with cancer and their loved ones alike. We hope you find the assistance you need physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Click here for cancer resources, including some NEW postings.

**NEW! Cancer Testimonials**

October 8, 2006

"I was diagnosed on January 16, 2002 with terminal peritoneal cancer, stage 3C. An oncologist gave me less than two years to live. I had a total of 58 cycles of chemotherapy, and my cancer only went into remission once, but it came back. Finally, my oncologist said, 'No more chemo' but gave me less than six months to live.

My cancer levels CA-125 were over 1290. I was retaining fluid and needed to have the excess fluid removed every month. The procedure was very painful I was desperate and found when I was searching 'Google' one day. Now I have been on the essiac for two months. When I started the essiac is when the oncologist gave me just six months to live.

My cancer levels went from 1290 to 700 within two months of drinking the tea. My CT-scan is clean and clear except for one lymph node, which has a cancerous tumor. However, this tumor has decreased from 10mm to 6mm. All in two months! Itís a miracle."

--J. Cook, Burnet, TX

September 2006

"Last year I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. After researching and weighing my options, I decided to take no treatment at this time for various reasons. I had been having chronic, daily pain in my right side along my right ribs for several months. I started taking the essiac tea, 3 oz. 3 times a day and almost immediately had total relief of the pain!

Upon beginning the essiac regimen, I eliminated quite a bit of fluid and had minor cold symptoms, but nothing too uncomfortable and the pain has not returned for several weeks so far. Another thing I have noticed is that I am not overeating as I had previously felt compelled to do. The extra food didn't do me any good and now I'm actually eating less and feel satisfied. I feel much better since beginning the essiac and will continue to take it at the aggressive dose for six months."

--James M., Florida

Click here for more cancer testimonials.

**SALE! $10 or $20 Off Your Next Essiac Order--INTERNET SPECIAL ONLY**

From now until Halloween (October 31 for those outside the US) you can get a price break on essiac, any packaging style. For orders $50 or more, you can receive $10.00 off with coupon code 'HERB7' at the shopping cart. For orders $99 or more, you can receive $20.00 off with coupon code 'ESS26'. Click here to see our prices or order essiac.

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