Our Industry-Exclusive Essiac Tea Money-Back Guarantee

Thanks to our Essiac Tea Guarantee, you have absolutely NOTHING to lose by trying our essiac. You don't risk a penny when you order from our company! We're not aware of ANY other essiac tea company that is so confident their product is high-quality that they offer a money-back guarantee!

***We use the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in our formula!***

All of our customers are covered by our famous 7-month 100% Money-Back No Risk Guarantee! Try to find another essiac company who offers something like this!

Here is the way our Essiac Tea Guarantee works:

Order essiac from bulk-essiac-tea.com and give it your own personal "test run." Take it for a full six months. If you haven't experienced any benefit from essiac tea, simply contact Gina during the seventh month after you have used up all your tea to let us know that you have experienced no benefit. We'll rush you a complete refund of every penny. No questions asked. No hassle. No delay.

All we ask is that, on the honor system, you take essiac at the suggested dosage level for six months. Please pay attention to any benefits you may have received from the essiac tea, even if you still suffer from a health problem. Some people notice increased energy, better sleep, improved digestion, few colds, or other signs of increased well-being.

Please be advised that, by accepting an essiac tea refund, you are forfeiting the right to order more essiac tea from us at our everyday low price.

All refund inquiries must be called in to 1-866-ESSIAC1. Please have your order number (invoice number) on hand so that we can process your refund.