***We use the entire sheep sorrel plant, including the roots, in our formula! It's 65% root.***

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Essiac Tea Testimonials

Below we have a featured testimonial. The rest of the essiac tea testimonials are listed in alphabetical order. Please enjoy reading these unedited accounts.

Featured TestimonialEssiac Tea Testimonial: Myxofibrosarcoma

This video includes Roland Witzgall's fully story. Here is a summary:

Roland is from North Andover, Massachusetts. Earlier this year he found a lump on his bald spot. They took a biopsy and confirmed that it was cancerous. 

The Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston MA suggested to have it removed and then do a biopsy.

After the rfemoval there would be plastic surgery and there would be a need to graft skin from his leg to his bald spot. However, his cardiologist told the oncology surgeon that his heart wasn't strong enough to have an operation.

Thank goodness, Roland remembered hearing about essiac tea a long time ago and performed an internet search. He found discount-essiac-tea.com. On May 9, 2016 I started making the tea 3 times per day. Within a month the lump started to shrink. A month after that, the lump was almost completely gone. As of September 2016, his scalp is completely clear of any growths. He plans to continue taking the tea for the rest of his life due to the preventive aspects.


Hi Gina, I hope all is well with you, Bryan and your loved ones. I wrote a note on your wall tonight to thank you publicly. I can't tell people the nature of my illness but I am comfortable with you and Bryan. I got great news today. My CD4 cell count went from 360 to 520 in 4 months. It took 6 years to get it to go from 130(aids) to 360(so so) but with the use of the tea it jumped 160 points in 4 months. Optimal would be around 700-1100 so I will keep drinking the tea because I feel so much better and there is clinical proof. My hemoglobin count went from 9 to 13 also which is great because I was borderline anemic. Thank you again for all your generosity. I am working out again, I joined a band, I am a drummer and sing. The bands name is The Southern Point band from St. Petersburg , Florida. You can see our web site. I use the stage name..Jimmy West...It sounds better than my real name. I will send an order in for some tea in September.

Jim Meister


Hello, I hope this letter finds you well. Hope the business is doing well also. I must say that I feel so much better it's amazing. Thank you so much for keeping me going with the essiac tea. I am back on my drums again and trying to find work , at least part time so I can make it . I also have gotten much stronger and have not been sick since I started on the tea. I drink a lot of it. 4 3 oz glasses a day but it has helped so much. I get my labs done this week and will have the news back in two weeks so we will see what has happened to my CD4 count and my viral count and creatin levels from my kidneys. I should have some money soon so I can make a purchase of tea. You have given me a new life. Bless you, you are Gods Angels, healing the sick in a merciful way. Your rewards will be great here and in Heaven. You have been made it possible for a saint {Christian} to be well.


*results not typical


I am writing for my mother who ordered the tea, but doesn't use e-mail.

She said that she is very happy with the tea and that she drinks it and it helps with her acid reflux and her numerous allergies.

Thanks for checking in with her.

-Steve Vanderhei

*results not typical

Blood Sugar Issues

Your Tea is very high quality...I have noticed tremendous benefits... I no longer have blood sugar issue's at all.. Amazing stuff ! thank you so much.....

-Jason Honor

*results not typical

Bone Cancer

I just want to tell you that we so much appreciate your company. You are the first group that has stood by your promise and you gave us a chance for life.

When we asked for help when my wife was diagnosed back in January 4th 2011. you quickly responded to our need by sending us free 6 month supply of essiac tea.

We harvested some of our timber and were able to buy the 14lbs of essiac. We will in June or July buy another 2 14lb boxes.

Why will we do this you may ask. It is because my wife just had new blood work ups and pet scans April 26 2011. Her cancer tumors have reduced in size by some 50 to 60% and others 75% there is no cancer in any of her body organs at all.

My wife's cancer was all the way to her bone and even those areas have reduced. She didn't qualify for surgery,chemo or radiation because of her heart. She doesn't have any trouble with her heart and we have elected not to pursue any more treatment than the hormone treatments she has been getting.

Now we know she has terminal cancer but we will continue her regiment till it dissipates or stops the growing of the cancer all together. In either case she will be continuing to take the tea and diet changes we made

Also I am now on the same regiment as my wife because my PSA numbers are high. It means that my chances for prostate cancer is about 25% so I am heading off the chances by beginning the same regiment as my wife.

Now do I think that I can claim essiac tea did it or cures it ? I don't know but our close friends wife that is 86 years old had colon cancer last year and she is now cancer free. she and her husband never sought any conventional cancer treatment except essiac tea and maple syrup mixed with baking soda. They fund out cancer can not grow in alkaline blood with PH levels of 7.5 to 8 . I did some research online and found some studies that show alkaline Ph levels that are in the range I mentioned don't suffer cancer.

I am sharing this with you so you know we are making progress to good health and it is because of your promise Kept that saved my wife's life.

We are forever grateful to you all for that gift.

We will continue to keep you informed of our progress. I am making a link on my face book page for you.

I would be honored to accept you as a friend there. my full name you may look up is Robert A Sweet Jr. and My Wife is Nancy Bower -Sweet. Please send a message identifying who you are so we can accept you. If you want to do so if not please accept our prayers love and gratitude.

Robert A Sweet Jr and Nancy Sweet.

*results not typical

Bone Cancer in Dog

My dog got bone cancer last July & I had her leg amputated. I knew I wasn't going the kemo route. I heard about your tea & now swear by it. My dog is now 5 and kicking butt! I credit the tea, her diet, some pills I mix in w peanut butter, and a positive attitude that I value everyday.

Whatever is in the tea I love it and than you for it?? vets said max 1 year, so we're beating all odds and enjoy life to the fullest. Many people ask what happened to your dogs leg? I steer the direction to the healing of her leg & how people and animals that use this tea swear by it. I'm so blessed to still have my best friend here for more holiday celebrations. Thank you so much! My mom is buying this round of 12 4 oz packets so this will be my 4th order and hope to b a customer for many years to come. 

-My Sincerest Thank You

*Results not typical

Bowel Movements

Hello Gina. I'm still taking the tea faithfully. I was extremely ill this spring, lost 40lbs and began using the tea after I left the hospital.  

Essiac has regulated my bowel movements  to a great degree

I've been a borderline diabetic for well over 15 years and now I'm right in the middle of the range

I've gained back nearly 30lbs which I needed to do.

My overall opinion of Essiac Tea is a positive one and I recommend it to people who are suffering from various ailments and diseases that the tea is purported to help according to your listed testimonials. 

I am planning to renew my order for the tea when my supply runs out.


Bladder Cancer

I take Essiacs tea becaue its the best thing for cancer you can get. Before finding this site I bought it from Canada. Very high cost. In w009 i was told i had stage 2 bladder cancer. Chemo/Radiation screwed me up. Went on essiac. Its now 3/2/16 and I'm Cancer free.

Dave Morris

*results not typical

I continue with Essiac that I buy from your company because I believe it is a quality product. 

I was diagnosed with bladder cancer last Autumn, and began doing research into prevention and treatment. I do not believe the medical establishment is doing much to cure and prevent cancer. I found out about Essiac through cancer survivor stories, and started with the stuff in the green bottle that the Canadian company puts out. After finding the quote from Rene Caisse regarding the importance of using the WHOLE sheep sorrell plant, and realizing the Canadian company was using the leaves only, I looked around some more and found your company. 

I won't go into graphic detail as to how I knew something was happening before I had the surgery to remove to tumor, but I will say this: the pathology report described the mass removed as being "Rubbery to friable (crumbly)," which sounded an awful lot like what Rene herself described when she said tumors treated with Esssiac hardened and then began to crumble. I had only been taking Essiac for a little more than a month. 

I have yet to have a cystocopy since the tumor removal, but my urine test after one month showed no blood or cancer cells. I recommend Essiac all the time, and it's your website that I refer. 

I don't know what the future holds, and I know we all have to go sometime. There is no cure all, but based on the thousands of testimonials out there, I believe Essiac is a serious tool for fighting the good fight. 

My thanks and very best to you and Bryan,


*Results not typical

I bought the tea for my mom in CT a few weeks ago for her bladder cancer.  I also strongly recommended my friend get some for her husband to treat his bladder cancer. After 6 weeks taking the tea his blood test came back negative; he no longer has cancer. He's very excited.  The doctor stopped his chemo he had been getting since Nov 2010.  I don't have any test results on my mom yet but I'm sure they'll also be as good.

Patricia Taft

*results not typical

Got a call day before yesterday evening from my mom who calls your office regularly (Margaret Brown). I bought her 1st order of E. Tea for her to remove her bladder cancer. It worked with several side benefits.  I can tell talking to her on the phone she is happier, more energetic, has a sense of well being.  She is cancer free per the CAT scan, blood tests & the biopsy.  Took around 6 weeks to heal her.  She's so happy, she tells me I healed her but we know it's the E. Tea. : )

She just turned 80 and found out a week before her birthday from the aforementioned test results that she's cancer free. What a great birthday gift. (1st week of Sep 2011).

The MD's want to do more radiation to remove the cancer that cannot be 'seen' thru their tests but my mom has no more pain, and now slept thru an entire night w/o having to get  up to go the bathroom (urinate) 2 nights ago for the 1st time since getting the cancer.  This means she may be able to travel to be see various grown children and grandchildren. My mom had to give that travel up but hated to.

It's true that Essiac Tea gives back the quality of life we all desire right up to the day we die.

Thanks for making it available at a great price. My sister Melanie Brown-Porter will be ordering some for her own use after seeing the great benefits in our mom.  My daughter Shania, 9 years old, also thanks you for saving her gran'ma.


*results not typical

Blood Problems

It seems as though the tea helped to clean my blood system, what I thought might be cancer

was possibly an infection, and now it seems to have deminished to almost nothing. I do believe the tea helped. I am doing better, and may the Lord JESUS CHRIST bless you and your family forever.

Steven Guritz

*results not typical

Brain Cancer

Did we tell you about our friend who recently had a tumor removed from her brain? If not let me tell you what her doctor said after the operation. She had been taking the tea we gave her for one month before the operation with an exceptionally good result. After the operation her doctor said, "I knew that Essiac Tea could cure cancer but I did not know that it could shrink tumors. We had taken pictures of the tumor one month before the operation and when I operated I found that the Essiac Tea had indeed shrunk your tumor."

Jack Wilson

*results not typical

Brain Tumor

A friend that had cancer has taken your product and has been in remission now for 2 years

To those of you that have been following our use of the essiac tea for various illnesses this may be of additional interest.

A lady here Kokkola just had a very serious brain operation. Her brain specialist took pictures of the tumor a month or so before the operation and again immediately prior to the operation. 

Today the lady informed us that the doctor told her that her tumor had shrunk during the month prior to her operation. During that period of one month the lady had been taking the essiac tea in doses of 3 ounces each 3 times a day.

We had read many testimonials of the essiac tea being able to shrink tumors but this is the first time we have had it confirmed by someone so close to us. This is the wife of our previous church branch president.

The doctor also added that he knew that the essiac tea could help in stopping cancer but had not known that it could also shrink tumors.

We will keep you informed on this subject as time goes by as many of us are taking the essiac tea for various health reasons.

If any of you have any questions, especially about what the Chinese have done to prove the success in cancer patients, please ask us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Jay Kachelski

*results not typical

Breast Cancer

Thanks--I required for daughter with breast cancer, tumors shrinking!

-Deborah Taylor

*results not typical

I'm a seven year survivor of breast cancer.  I like your product and will order more

-Chrissie Glota

*results not typical


I'm writing just to say thank you.

You probably have no idea how much your generosity and support mean to me.

Last year I was diagnosed with a breast cancer recurrence, and was told that we would not be able to get rid of the cancer, but only try to control it for as long as possible.

Essiac was the first thing I started taking 3x/day, and within days, the tumors shrunk by more than 50%. I implemented more holistic treatments and made lots of dietary changes, Within 10 weeks my tumor marker was almost in the normal range of 40 or below, then dropped to 22, and at the last measure was at 18.9! My doctor can't detect any sign of tumors, and is stunned.

I am committed to continue essiac for the rest of my life. I know it has saved me, and I am recommending it and your company to everybody I know, especially those who are currently impacted by it.

I am  blown away by your generosity and kindness and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is absolutely astounding how wonderful I feel, and that we have achieved results despite the medical field's dire prognosis :-). I know I will remain cancer free, due to essiac. Thank you again!

-Ingrid DInter

*results not typical

I had Breast Cancer, that went to my Lymph nodes and to my neck

I used Beta Glucans, spirullena, and Chorella, and Essiac tea

 I only did 3 Chemos, and I was supposed to do 8.  and I am in remission

My other advice? Get rid of all your alluminum pans and your microwave, eat plenty of green veggies, and fruits.

Shelby Lansing

*results not typical

just want to let you know that all is well. I am very pleased with the product. I ordered it for my mom who had breast cancer a year ago. 

Her most recent mammogram came back clear. Yay!!!!

I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. I am going to recommend she view your site.

Peace to you,

Desiree Nowaczyk

*Results not typical

I have been taking the tea since February 2015, when I finished my chemo treatments for Breast Cancer.

I took 3 doses (3 oz.)  a day for 6 months and am now taking the tea (about 3 oz.) twice a day.

I am feeling pretty well.  Just some long term issues from chemo.   Feel blessed that I am cancer free.

I feel that I will remain that way, since I believe that the tea will really help keep cancer away.

I have recommended the tea to friends, don't know if they have purchased any of the tea.

I tell them it is well worth the money.  Only about $25.00 a month, which is cheaper than a RX drug.



I have dense breast and had  what seemed to be a new lump. I have been drinking the essiac tea every other day.  The lump appears to have moved or went away. I have  noticed this from self exams. But I do still plan to get a check up.

We wish to thank you dearly for the free essiac you first sent to us. People have done so well in helping in our time of need due to the many bills etc. But I feel so much better than I had 2 years ago. So I am very thankful to God for restoring my health. I still use essiac for maintenance and the vitamins the Dr. gave me in Mexico.

May God Bless you!

Bretta Blanton

*Results not typical


I have been using the four herbs for three years now. I just now found out about the eight herb essiac and want to see if it works better for me. I am alive now because of essiac. 

My doctors had me undergo surgery, chemo, and radiation, but it didn't stop the cancer. They recommended that I go through all of it again. I just couldn't face that, though. I decided to try essiac tea and everything got better. So I stopped the tea thinking everything would be fine, but the cancer grew back. I had no energy and so much pain. As long as I stay on the tea my tumors shrink and I feel much better. I am hoping the eight herb essiac is even more effective for me. 

Shannon Waterton 

*results not typical

I have cancer and I need to order some more essiac tea. I need essiac sent to me as soon as possible. Let me tell you what happened to me...

I had become very sick with cancer last year. It got to the point that I was told I would be dead by December. I couldn't stay awake for more than a few hours at a time, and I couldn't speak clearly anymore. My tongue had swollen from the chemo. 

I heard about essiac tea and tried it as a last ditch effort to save my life. I continued the chemo but added essiac tea to my regimen. I couldn't believe how quickly I noticed an increase in energy. Then my hair started growing back, both on my head and my eyelashes and such. A few months later, all my tumors were gone. My doctor said, "Whatever you're doing, keep it up, this is a miracle!

I am religious and I believe that faith can heal. In addition, I believe the chemo and radiation helped me. However, I do not think I would be alive today if not for the essiac tea. The reason I say this is because, once my tumors were gone and I felt better, I ran out of essiac and didn't buy more. I didn't think I needed it anymore. Well, I was wrong. My hair started falling out and I had no energy. My platelet count is up again. This started happening a little over a month ago, a few weeks after I stopped the essiac tea. I had been meaning to get more but I kept putting it off. My friend gave me some other tea to try; he called it "miracle tea." I don't know what was in it, but it did nothing for me. It's not like essiac. Now I feel desperate: I need to get more essiac in me. I feel like crap without it and I'm worried that my tumors will come back, if they haven't already. 

My doctor is worried also because I am obviously slipping. He says he can't recommend essiac (which makes me so angry!) but we both know that it's the only thing that has changed in my regimen. I recommend that everyone with cancer take essiac. I believe you should take traditional treatments like chemo in addition to essiac for best results. All I can go by is how I reacted, but it truly has been a miracle for me. Essiac tea is absolutely amazing and I feel it saved my life.


*results not typical

My husband is still using the tea with very good results. He was very, very ill when he was diagnosed with cancer in December and today he is taking a walk to the park as I write this message. BTW, chemo did absolutely nothing for him except to make him feel like he was dying. Thank you for making this product affordable and obtainable to those who really need it.


Sheree Threlkeld

*results not typical

I have ordered essiac tea in bulk for several years.  It helped keep my husband cancer free for more than 30 years.  I have given away one-gal packages to many people.  I have also ordered the Essiac Report book and given away many of those.

I still take the tea every day to keep healthy.

Thank you for your high quality and low prices.

Trudy Reusser

*results not typical

Cancer in Dog

My twelve-year old golden retriever, Charlie, was diagnosed with cancer last year. My vet advised that if I wanted to give him the best chance of surviving I should consider surgery to remove the tumor. However, I was also aware that, due to my dog's age and medical history, he might not survive surgery. I was also told that many times cancer in animals re-occurs, so I was hoping I could do something preventive in nature, whether or not I decided to proceed with surgery for him. 

I was never aware that cancer in animals could be treated with some of the same things people use, but my homeopathic doctor told me that it can be. In particular, he recommended that I give my dog essiac. 

I did some research online and found your site. I decided to start with one pound as I would be giving Charlie 2 oz. two times a day (although I started with just one dose to make sure it agreed with his stomach). Meanwhile, I met with the surgeon to discuss my options. I decided to put off the surgery for the time being and see if the essiac tea made a difference. My main hope was to keep Charlie's quality of life at this stage. 

I am happy to report that he is doing wonderfully! The tumor is reducing in size and Charlie has only been on the essiac for two months. He has begun to play again and his appetite is much better. I am confident that his situation will continue to improve as long as we continue with the essiac tea. This improves the spirits of everyone in my household, as my husband and I are in our 70s and having Charlie around really boosts our spirits. Please send me another pound of the tea, and bill my card for the amount. Much thanks!" 

Julie W., Arizona 

*results not typical

I had researched and found you 6 month ago when my dog, 11 year old collie, was diagnosed with very aggressive cancer of the sweat glands. A week later a tumor was removed between his ears, but the doctor said he could not get a clear margin and thought my dog was only going to live 2 month.  Since diagnosis my dog (90 lb) has been on 3 oz 3x daily of your essiac, he drinks it willingly with 1 teaspoon cottage cheese mixed in. Now 6 month later the dog is doing well, no signs of cancer.

Since the time I have started the dog on essiac I myself have also been taking the tea on maintenance dose, thinking it will be good for me as well and it is: at my yearly check up my cholesterol was way down, back to normal, so I now don't have to take the atorvastatin anymore.

Seems to me the Essiac tea is working well!

Thanks for providing quality essiac tea!

Best, Iris

*results not typical

Cats--General Health

I gave this essiac to my friend who had cancer. But unfortunately she did not take it regularly as prescribed and she passed away last month. It was heartbreaking for me. I continuously encouraged her to take it, but she d

However, I have also been giving it to my cats. There are 4 of them. One has health problems for sure. She's bony skinny, has liquid poops, a couple of tumors on her skin and it is painful for her to sit.

Since giving her the Essiac, I've noticed her poops are starting to become more substantial. She stopped vomiting every day. My daughter noticed that she is gaining a little weight. The skin tumors are still there. But it seems that it is easier for her to sit or lie down.

The other cats, though not ill, also show improvement in their digestion which I notice by the shape and size of their poops.

I'm sharing the Essiac also with another family - they are taking it for general purposes and love it.

I had purchased a supply for my sick friend and you also sent me some free packages which I very much appreciate. I am sharing with my friends until I run out.

Thank you for your kindness. I have recommended your site to several people.


Emma Reed

*results not typical

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Hi Gina, so far I love your product. My lab results showed me in the non-diabetic category for the first time and ALL my results improved (I have been on 9oz/day for close to a month now). 

I also have, for the 1ST TIME! other normal (average range) lab results. Not to mention what it has done for my C.F.S. (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome_ and overall energy level. My only regret is that your product hasn’t made me quit smoking (yet!).” 


*results not typical

Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML)

One of my friends was diagnosed with Chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) in 2003. She was sick with infections and fevers almost all of the time. She also developed anemia (her red blood cells were very low). Upon her practitioner's recommendation she began to take essiac tea along with chemotherapy. 

After four months on essiac tea, to our surprise her body seemed to have rid itself of leukemia cells. The hematologist found her completely normal when he did the bone marrow aspiration. We went to a pathologist as well to confirm the diagnosis, and he agreed that the cancer was gone." 


*results not typical

Colds and Viruses

Received my latest order yesterday. I brewed another batch last night. My husband and I have been taking about 1/3 cup each morning with 1 tsp black seed oil as a health tonic. Have had no colds or flus or stomach viruses like so many others!


Colon Problems

In the case of my colon problems, there were times I skipped using the tea, and after a few days, there was blood again. Once I started the essiac again, there was less and then none. Symptoms seem to fluctuate, but decidedly much better with the essiac. In fact I had some moles on my back that I suspected as cancerous. Last night one of them peeled off. I think the essiac is allowing for healing, and I'll stay with it as long as I can.

Susan Johnson


I just received the tea this last Saturday, but was way too sick (cold/flu) to brew anything.  Monday & Tuesday I only took only 2 servings of the tea each day.  This morning I had only my 5th serving of tea since the tea arrived.  Still terribly sick but at least I can sit up, walk around & do a little bit of housework.  I finally got around to testing my blood sugars several hours after this AM's serving.  In the past I could handle very high sugars without side effects but not lower numbers .  By the time my blood sugars would get down to 135 (and it is supposed to be in the 90s) my hands would be in terrible pain.  I would also tend to get dizzy.  I didn't have any pain in my hands, I wasn't dizzy at all & since blood sugars sky rocket when a diabetic is sick I just assumed my sugars should be around 250-275.   It was 112!!!

I'm hoping that continued use of the tea may help with my hands & knee pain eventually.

Deirdre Dee

*results not typical

I continue to use the maintainance level and I no longer take insulin since 6/15 My sugar level remains stable. I couldn't be happier.


*Results not typical

Hello Gina! Your product is incredible. I suffer from a number of physical disabilities, and EVERY category of my lab results came back improved! After only one month of your essiac tea!! 

After 6 weeks of being on the aggressive treatment for essiac I put the diabetic "paper" or lab results (5.6) to the ultimate test. I fasted all day (for scriptural reasons) w/water only. Not only did I not get the shakes from skipping meals or go into a hypoglycemic state, I didn't get hungry! I kept tabs on my sugar levels every 2 hours or so, and my levels stayed in the 90`s all day long. I have documented this for my primary care doctor and my nutritionist. According to them, this can't happen!

Jay, Massachusetts 

*results not typical

Dog with Bone Cancer

I have been ordering the Essiac tea since September for my dog who was diagnosed with bone cancer. We decided against Chemo and instead opted for a holistic approach. She was given 2-4 months but this past weekend we marked 6 months survival and the vet seems to think her health is good.  Although we are also doing other things, I believe the tea has been an important part of her treatment. We were giving her 5oz twice a day. We now give her 3oz per day. Does that sound right?  

The entire story behind the tea and the herbs is very interesting.

Robert Oberst

*Results not typical

Dog with Cancer

I'm doing Wonderful  :-D

My dog had cancer and I was giving it to him exclusively.... It prolonged his life by MONTHS!! He was given a few weeks and lasted 6 months until he had a stroke on Thanksgiving 

:-/ had to put him to sleep after that, but I think the stuff is amazing...

I've given several packets to friends with cancer to try as an alternative to Western Medicine & share my story with others about the benefits of the tea. :-)

-Elizabeth Lewis- 

*Results not typical

The tea is great. We give it to our dog who was given 3 months to live over 4 years ago. I cook him a cancer fighting diet and he gets the Essiac as well as other good cancer fighting ingredients. 

It actually takes a long time for us to use our batch up, but I refer tons of people your way via my blog and facebook page. 

Canine Cancer Remedies

Thanks for such a great product! Have a great week.

Sue Hawks

*Results not typical

Dog with Congestive Heart Failure

I have been using it on my greyhound who was diagnosed with congestive heart failure and possibly cancer.  She was diagnosed in September 2015 and is 12 years old.  She is doing well......

Denaire Walker

*Results not typical

Dry Cough

Thanks for your interest Gina . I have this dry cough that seemed to almost disappear when I took the tea in the past, then it returned when I stopped....after about a month. Now I'm taking it again to see if my cough improves (it took about a month before). If it does then it looks like the essiac is helping.

-Mary Knight

*results not typical


My husband and I can truly say we know it works. My indigestion and low energy has returned. My husbands edema has returned. The healing of his foot has slowed down once again. Why?...Because we've been without the tea! Blood sugar is rising and sinus congestion problem again. I never intend to run out again. Thanks!

Cheryl Howe

*results not typical


Thanks!  I'm doing well with it.  I think it helps when I can stick to the routine.

I've always had bad skin, prone to warts, acne, eczema...it's just never been good.

Taking this seems to help with everything.


*results not typical

Endometrial and Uterine Cancer

I have been taking Essiac tea 3oz 3x a day for 7 months now. I am pleased with the quality of the product and the improvement in my overall health.  In February of 2013 I had a total hysterectomy due to synchronous dual primary endometrial and uterine cancer. The cancer was remover from my body. All of the tests revealed there was no cancer in my lymph nodes, omentum(fat pad in belly) or acities(fluid in my abdomen). I decided to NOT have chemotherapy or radiation that was recommended by my gynecological oncologist. I remain cancer free over 2 1/2 years later. I will continue taking the Essiac Tea in the near future to ensure that my body is being give extra support to remain cancer free.



*results not typical

Stage 4 Esophageal Cancer

Thank you for your inquiry.  My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer in January 2015.  He is still doing very well.  We attribute it to daily prayer, traditional chemo treatments and drinking essiac tea.  I drink it as well.  Thank you.

Mindy Meyers

*Results not typical

Fat Nodules in Abdomen

I have only good news about the ESSIAC!!

I had a very acute bronchitis with expectoration and cough was very much diminished and I breath a lot easier.

I had about 5-6 fat nodules in my abdomen and 5 of them dissipated!!

My digestion is much better and I don't have so many constipation issues.

I believe that ESSIAC will help!!

All the best!


Gallbladder Condition

Last year i used the tea for a gallbladder condition. I had been to  the emergency room 3 times over the past year. Doctors wanted to remove my gallbladder but I refused. This did not include the countless nights i stayed awake in pain, because I didn't have health insurance. After using the tea over a month's time, the nightly pain ceased and I am now able to drink and eat in moderation dairy -- which is what had triggered the gallbladder problems.

I plan to re-order in a few weeks for a detox.

Please keep this formula the way it is.

Thank you. I feel empowered and healthier.


*Results not typical

General Health

I'm a more than satisfied customer. Will order more very soon.

PS: thanks for allowing my mom the path to wellness!!

Patricia Taft

*results not typical

Have used the product for general health and I can tell a difference since going off of the tea for a couple of months. Starting back the beginning of May.

Sheena Messinger

*Results not typical

Growth on Skin

I'm writing because my attorney (a good friend of mine) suggested that I take essiac tea. The doctors found a growth on my skin that appears not to be cancerous, but I'm not taking any chances. He affirmed that I should use essiac containing eight herbs, not the four-herb tea that is more commonly found. He recommended that I come to this site, as you people have been very helpful and the price is right. I guess he's been pointing a lot of people your way. 

I am optimistic because my friend's wife was at one point diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer that had metastasized to the liver, and now it's been five years and she is alive and well. Granted, she was on chemotherapy at the same time she took the essiac. She began the chemo December 1999 and the essiac in February 2000. By April 2000 her condition had become stable, which was realistically the best they could hope for at the time. 

She continues to maintain relatively good health and although the tumors are still present, her condition is definitely stable and she generally feels well. Her husband switched to your eight-herb essiac when he found your website last month. He says that your herbs seem to be fresher than any he's received before and his wife feels better than ever. I'm looking forward to trying the tea and hope it can do for me what it appears to be doing for so many others. At this point in my life (45) I am well aware of the need for preventive treatment, even if I am "healthy" for the time being.

Christine L., Nevada 

*results not typical


Hello Gina, I have been a customer of yours for 7 or 8 years now. I originally bought from one of your distributors for a few years till he fizzled out, and I have been buying directly from you and Bryan for maybe 5 years now. I RELIGIOUSLY drink 3 ozs. every night before bedtime.  

I used to suffer from un believable heartburn all my life and have not had one bout in the 8 years I have been drinking your tea (I also take good Isotonic digestive enzymes ) as well. 

I am a 50 year old Boxer, and between the Isotonic Supplements and your Tea, I am a specimen of perfect health. I just had my first yearly physical in almost 5 years, and ALL my #'s were super and my blood pressure and cholesterol were 100% on the money, and I have 3 jumbo eggs for breakfast EVERY morning, and have for many years and my cholesterol is still in the low range. 

I attribute my great health to several things that I do, but your Tea has always been a MUST have in my routine, and I herald it as the reason I have not had my heartburn in many, many years. I will drink your tea till my dying day. 

Thank you for making your blend of tea at a VERY reasonable cost and for continuing to distribute such a phenemonal product! Thank you again and you and Bryan have a great day!  


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Hepatitus C

It certainly has been up, down and back up again.

My brother has Hep C and has begun the aggressive treatment.

I just handed him a half gallon and told him how to take it.

He's too busy to investigate right now, but he trusts me, so he just started 3 oz. 3x a day.

The second day he called me and said that the chronic ache in his side was suddenly gone.

He asked if I thought the tea was responsible and said he believes that must be the case.

Since then the pain is still gone and he's been eliminating all sorts of things he's sure he didn't need:)

He'll be sharing orders with me from now on and continuing the aggressive treatment for 6 months.


*results not typical

I have been using essiac for several years now.  It helped me to stay healthy long enough for them to invent the drug "Harvoni".  I was able to get a grant to use it, and now cured of hepatitus C! Also found the tea cured my swollen prostate and a bothersome case of hemorhoids. God bless you!  Keep up the good work.

-Jim O'Connor

*results not typical

I have been using essiac for several years now.  It helped me to stay healthy long enough for them to invent the drug "Harvoni".  I was able to get a grant to use it, and now cured of hepatitus C !  Also found the tea cured my swollen prostate and a bothersome case of hemorhoids.  God bless you!  Keep up the good work.

Jim O'Connor

*Results not typical

I have hepatitis C and my LFT's were very very high, since taking essiac for 6 months or so at three times a day and then maintainence my numbers are all with in normal limits except 1 is just slightly higher than normal, I am a believer!!!!

Rebecca Shannon

*results not typical

IBS and Chronic Pain

I would like to say that, that last Friday, I received the Essiac Tea.  On Saturday, I made a Quart. and on Sunday started the course.

The taste was a shock, however, I have persisted and now look forward to it.  I am about to start another batch tonight.

As to the taste, I looked at it this way, we have been breathing in toxins, drinking and eating toxins and washing in toxins and at the time of receiving this Tea, I was having a lot of heavy metal taste.

After two days I started to notice changes within me. And today Friday, I can now safely say, that, I do not have IBS, I do not have severe Chronic pain, my joints are returning.  My tendons in  all my left foot, including achilles tendon, which I damaged a couple of months ago is now healing, the swelling on the foot has gone down considerably.  I still have a slight problem, but, that is nothing to write home about as yet, as this, has been only ONE WEEK.  All the other problems that I have had,fading.  The food and water taste different.  My diet had changed previously, however, I am now more aware of what I should be taking.

I have not been taking any medication for pain, whilst, I have been taking this.

I do not feel low, I feel an energy returning, and I can now hear my body talking to me, as to needs. As before, it was blocked.

I thank you and Mother earth for providing this,and of course, dear Cassie, and I do thank you all daily.

I shall keep you posted.

Kim E. Fuller.

*results not typical

Insomnia and Cancer

The tea that you sell is FREAKIN AWESOME!!! I use it as a maintenance for my body. The tea relaxes me at night so that I can have a good night’s sleep,

I have been buying your tea for many years. I buy it in bulk because I give allot of it, and your website info to people who have cancer to try. I didn’t know anything about GOD’s tea until two years after I lost my dad to stomach cancer.

That’s when my brothers mother in law was diagnosed with breast cancer. She did not want to get operated, or go thru radiation. I told her about the tea and to buy it from you guys because it is very expensive to buy at the health stores.

And you guy’s had the best quality and very low prices. After she ran out of the tea that 

I had given her she ordered some from you. One year later she decided to go back to the doctors to see how she was doing. The doctor examined her And noticed that her two tumors had all but disappeared. He then took a biopsy and within a week she had the results. The biopsy revealed normal cells. It has been about five years now and she still takes the maintenance dose, and she feels great!

My brother is a EMT for the local fire department. About two years ago he had to transport an older lady complaining of severe pain all over her body. Later that day he had another transport to the same hospital. As he was picking up supplies he saw the same woman that he had dropped off in the morning.

He asked her how she was doing and she told him that they had found cancer all over her body. My brother came by my house to see if I could give him some tea with instructions and where to buy it. So I gave him a pouch of tea and he gave it to her. Two years later the lady showed up at the fire station

Looking for my brother she had papers in her hand from the doctor stating that she was cancer free. She gave my brother a big hug and thanked him for the tea.  My good friend at work was upset one day I asked him what was wrong, he said that they found two growths on his wife’s liver. I

Told him about the tea and gave him the info. one year later after drinking the tea doctors could not find the growths. Last April my best friend was diagnosed  with  cancer on the back of the cervix. It was inoperable, She decided to go through  the radiation and chemo. I also gave her the aggressive

Dose of the tea. Last week she got her results from the blood work and pepscan. The doctor said that she was cancer free! I still give her the aggressive dose three times a day. It seemed like the tea kept her from losing her hair, and it maintained her energy levels.

My elderly  friend had type one Diabetes. She was taking high doses of medication. The doctor was about to put her on insulin. I started giving her the aggressive dose of the tea. On her last visit the doctor took all medications away and asked her what she was taking, she told them she was taking GOD’s tea. I want to thank you so much For making it possible to buy the tea at such a low price . if it wasn’t for you guy’s I don’t think I would be able to afford to buy it from the health food stores since there prices are ridiculous.  THANK YOU AGAIN FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Edward Leyvas

*Results not typical

Intestinal Cancer

Thank you for your inquiry. If you noticed I have been drink your tea for years. Started after having intestinal cancer back in I believe 2008. Used the tea instead of chemo and have continued. Both my parents had cancer. You have always been prompt on getting the product delivered and when I have requested you have included extra pamphlets on your product. I do hand them out to people that have skin cancer or other concerns. It is always amazing how many individuals simply say that it won't work and disregard the tea. Have a wonderful day.

-Mark Holz

*results not typical

Kidney Infection

The first order was great. I got a Kidney infection and another illness and the tea really seemed to boost my energy and make me feel much better. I love the tea.

Looking forward to my next order :)

Aaron Roberts

*Results not typical

Large B Cell Progressive Lymphoma

My mom Doris was only given 3 months to live because of Large B cell progressive lymphoma. She has now gained weight, living to the fullest. One Dr. called at 9 o'clock at night musing over her file saying, I was just going over your file, and your lymphoma looks good? He is baffled. Her oncologist doesn't want to talk to her.  She drives herself to Grand Junction and back which is about a 5 hour drive from home. She is 88 years old and going strong. We just attended my son's wedding and drove 1500 miles to Kentucky and back.  She danced at his wedding. So... I would say that she is doing great!!!!!

-Heather Golden

*results not typical

Leg Cramps

I just made my last batch and need to reorder now. I have had great results with leg cramps. And then this past week I spent close to $1200 on my 14 year old Springer Spaniel due to pancreatitis and then liver issues (liver disease, liver cancer, - something liver related). All week long she has barely moved with my wife and I thinking last night was the last night. She made it through the night and today her eyes were more yellow - she has not drank much of anything or eaten anything most of the week. The vet tonight told us to make her comfortable. 

I came home and used a syringe to get approx .5oz of Essiac into her mouth. Flash forward two hours and her eyes are much less yellow and she climbed up on our couch! Wholly cow! I think we are far from being "out of the woods" with her but at least there is a chance.

Mark Dowden

*results not typical

Liver Cancer

I'm a cancer survivor, I have Liver cancer, when I was in the service I was injured and needed a transfusion, and back then they didn't check blood so I got hepc I was eighteen at the time went for many years with no problem, suddenly a tumor appeared, they mircro waved it out but during that process I started drinking Essiac tea, well two more tumors appeared the doctors wanted me to come in to be a backup for a liver transplant, I said no I only had a week before my next MRI , had the MRI no tumors, had my 2nd MRI a month ago and still no tumors. I believe GOD put us here and filled the world with natural remedys. I LOVE life and try to take care of myself.

Michael Quinn

*results not typical

Lost Weight

I ordered the tea for a friend and myself. We are taking it just to improve our health in general. And it has done a wonderful job for us both! Both have lost weight and have much more energy and feel so much better. Thank you for checking in with me. That was very thoughtful of you.

-Brenda Rohrer

*results not typical

Lung Infections

This tea is amazing!!!! I have had a mild chronic lung infection for about 2 years and the antibiotics I was given wasn’t handing it.

Within less than 24 hours, it started to dry up and every day, it continues to improve. A recurring ear infection that I’ve had also cleared that first day. Every day, I’m noticing some improvements in my general health.


Lupus (SLE)

Thank you very much for the Essiac. It has greatly improved my life! Can actually be in sun again without eruptions, fever afterwards. Think I shared I was western blot positive for Lyme 2007. Then later diagnosed with lupus. Always been outdoors and not being in the sun was tough! Since Essiac sun is no longer an issue. What a blessing! Can I continue aggressive? Seems when I go to maintenance my energy is down. Not real tasty Essiac but I've seen no side effects of taking aggressively. Tried to tell all that will listen about Essiac. 

Thanks for helping me! 

Blessing to you and yours! 



*results not typical

Lymph Node Cancer

Had my last checkup..still have one lingering cancer tumor in my left lymph node.  so small that i do not need chemo. handing out more info to family and friends.  I am now in Indiana and gave info

Mike and Pam Axson.  She has sister with lung cancer.  They should be requesting info.order soon.   Thanks for all your help...I will order again when I return home.  Happy holidays..Corda

I had surgery, chemo & radiation for Stage 1 triple negative breast cancer.  I've also been a diabetic for about 12 years.

Chemo has left me with several permanent side effects - Neuropathy in my hands so my hands are numb.  The doctor keeps saying (1) most people get the numbness in their feet (2) the numbness should go away after chemo has stopped.

Chemo stopped in March 2011.  I8 months later, I still have numb hands.  I've learned to function a bit better as long as I can see what I am doing.  However, my daughter-in-law has to put my earrings  in as I can't see what I'm doing & I can't feel.  You might not think this is a huge deal, but I'm not your typical 60 year old church-lady.  I currently have 20 earrings in my ears (so many earrings, so few piercings!!) so it becomes a major issue.

Corda Balliet

*results not typical

Gina, my husband , James, had lymph node cancer twice (surgery to remove, and radiation), but since taking Essiac tea, he is clear. Also his colonoscopy exam was clear last year. He used to have a lot of polyps before.  I also take Essiac tea. We haven't missed many days in a year. We only take a maintenance dose.  

-Judy Williams

*results not typical

Metal Poisoning

I give God the glory for leading me to you. I am 66 years old and have been dealing with metal poisoning for 20 years and Essaic tea has completely cleared my face and I am excited to see the other benefits that will show up as healing comes from the inside out. I take 9oz three times a day, which I will do for the at least 6 months. At the end of that time will assess, i know for sure i will do the 3oz two times a day for maintenance when I reach that time. thank you for carrying on with the original formula.

Cheri Spires

*results not typical

Progressive Large B cell lymphoma

My momma is still going strong since being diagnosed with the deadly Progressive Large B cell lymphoma almost two and a half years ago.  

The tea is working great so far for my husband (who has prostate cancer) and my dad (who has lung cancer).

My dad went in for a CT scan in Dec to check the tumors and we were told that they were stable, meaning not growing and one had disappeared.  Thank you for this tea.

Doris Lehman

*Results not typical

Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Just received my third order of Essiac tea. Thanks for the prompt service.  I also felt it was finally time to thank you for providing the product that you do.  I was diagnosed in April 2007 with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma and had a tumor removed from my small intestine. Ordered my first batch of tea from you shortly after that but did not reorder when that was gone. Cancer came back in January 2010 on a PET scan and was confirmed through tissue biopsy in April. Declined the recommended Radiation treatment and started a program to improve my  overall health. Eventually took an early retirement,switched to a mostly whole foods diet and ordered more Essiac Tea! Had another PET scan in April of this year and anxiously waited for the results, in the words of the Radiologist "The biopsy-confirmed recurrent lymphoma has slightly increased in size, but its metabolism has completely resolved. I do not understand  the meaning of this interval change." Confusing for him and my oncologist but good news for me!  Of course my primary doctor and my oncologist both say the tea and life style changes would not account for the reversal in my condition but are not able to explain what has happened. They want me to have another PET scan in October, mainly because of the increased size of the mass.

I am currently dosing with Essiac Tea twice a day [mainly because I have trouble remembering the mid-day dose] 3 oz./dose. I will let you know how the October PET scan goes.

Roy Hubacek

*results not typical

Ovarian Cancer 

During recovery from ovarian cancer surgery in 1999, I used esseac tea every day along with a holistic blend of herbs, aromatherapy and massage. My cancer doctor is amazed that I have had no reoccurance. I am in the 2 % of survivors from this type of cancer.

Warreen Janiece Ippolito

*results not typical

Pancreatic Cancer

I would like to order 6 one ounce bags (which is not an option on the ordering page) because I give them to people to try Essiac when I tell them about it. My 2nd bout with Pancreatic cancer is not bothering me after I went through the treatments this Winter and Spring while taking Essiac as I had done 20 years ago. It is still a fight with the medical field to take Essiac. By now they have all heard of it, but do not want to admit that something other than their drugs are effective. Infuriating!I 

-Kathleen Powers 

*results not typical

Pancreatic Tumor

Hi Gina,

I have been using Essiac for about two years.  I originally started when an IPMN was discovered in my pancreas while they were hunting for kidney stones.  A providential discovery for sure.

So far, it has not grown any larger.  I am due for a look at it again in a few months. I was introduced to Essiac about eight years ago when my husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. He was on so many meds that I really did not push the Essiac.  He passed within two years of diagnosis.

But when I was diagnosed, I felt that the Essiac might be helpful.  I have read many of the books published on Essiac and those written by Rene Caisse as well.  So, I have been a faithful user for these two years.

I also started giving it to my ailing, 11 year old dog.  I have to say that I believe it has helped him as well. Although now, at 12, I think age is beginning to have its way, but he is still hanging in there.  He is a 90 pound Black Lab named Harvey.

My daughter is also using Essiac for a few months now.  She is 26 and has always suffered from digestive issues and acne.  I am happy to say that both of these things are much improved and she swears by Essiac as well.

Thank you for checking in.  It is nice to know that you stand behind your product and care about your users.


Leslie Dunaiski

*Results not typical

Preventive/Staying in Remission

During recovery from ovarian cancer surgery in 1999, I used esseac tea every day along with a holistic blend of herbs, aromatherapy and massage. My cancer doctor is amazed that I have had no reoccurance. I am in the 2 % of survivors from this type of cancer.

We had our family together this week-end to discuss our plans for re-activating our Essiac distribution business again in South Africa.

I think you will find it interesting that my Father in Law (aged 84 and Mother in Law Aged 81) have been using Essiac since he had two heart attacks about 4 years ago. The doctors could not understand why their health increased so much, but both of them had been taken off their hypertension medication and live free from any symptoms. They will assist with selling the product as before.

-Pieter Pepler

*Results not typical

I had bought the tea on October 23 and we got it a few days later.  I had already made a 1/2 gal batch and was really enjoying the flavor and all when October the 30th came, we were at the rehearsal for our middle son's wedding.  My wife was tending to one of the grandchildren when she tripped and fell breaking her right wrist. Well we have had a real challenge with her regaining the use and strength in that hand.  Well, just a couple of weeks ago we started using the essiac tea again.  We don't have any signs of cancer but we know that it is in our systems just waiting for us to misuse our bodies and not eat or drink the best we can get or get slack on our choices and we could be facing a "real wake-up call".  

Thank you for checking up on us and asking.  We have been using the maintenance dose and when one of us "Just don't feel right", we will take 2 or 3 times that day or two and we will feel much better afterwards then we will go back to the single dose per day. 

We are so thankful that you have continued what Caisse started because as a child in the 1950's my parents and grand parents were in touch with an Indian "doctor" who knew about the different herbs and was healing cancer and all kinds of problems people were having that the doctors could not explain how they were healed, but the patients knew. God will always provide a way for those that seek, ask, and knock.  May God keep blessing you and what you are doing to carry this on for the next generation.

Bill and Vivian Maddox

*Results not typical

Prostate Cancer

My husband is using it for his prostate cancer taking it every day his leval blood count is way down which is good also we have put the word out so we got u more people buying the tea thank you


*results not typical

Rectal Cancer

Seven years ago I had surgery to remove a cancerous rectal tumor that was discovered the year before, and was growing at an alarming rate. I was advised to undergo chemotherapy and radiation. I did for four months but I felt so sick all the time that I couldn't bear to continue. I felt my best course of action was to follow an organic diet and investigate alternative treatments. I stumbled upon essiac tea and began to take it. 

I had a colonoscopy a little over six months later, and there was no cancer. I continue to have an examination every year and there is no cancer at all. I don't know if essiac tea is a miracle or what, but it seemed to have done the trick for me. I continue to take the maintenance dose and it gives me incredible piece of mind that I am purging my body of the toxins that may lead to more cancer. Thank you for providing this product. I sincerely feel that I owe my life to it.

Mary T., Massachusetts 

*results not typical


My husband has a sarcoma. It was removed two weeks ago. It was a fast growing, large tumor. The surgeon couldn't get over the pathology report that the tumor had 99 percent necrosis ,which he had never seen before. He attributed it to the radiation. But I know it was by the grace of God and Essiac tea( bought from you). God puts these herbs on earth to help us. Joe's (my husband) cancer usually has a poor prognosis but now we are confident that he will have many more years to be joyful on earth. Thanks for your help.

Mary Lockwood.

*Results not typical


Hi!  I use Essiac everyday for maintenance.  I have also shared it with some friends.  I am running out of it and need to reorder soon.  I don’t have cancer but I have scleroderma and it sure does help me feel less stressed and gives me more energy.  All in all, I am very satisfied.  I will order soon.  

-Trini Vaquera

*results not typical


We absolutely love it! We purchased it with desperate hope that my dear dear 37 year old friend who was newly diagnosed with metastatic bone cancer, would drink it. She did not. She was stage 4 when diagnosed and just could not palate much of anything. 

My husband and I began drinking it and love the way we feel. My fairly severe sciatica is GONE. A non issue! We will continue as long as it's available, to drink it just for our health.

Thank You!!!!


*results not typical

I have given your website to many people now promoting the great effects of Essiac. Some people are leary while others really believe it after they see how I look. I've only taken it for a month. I have scleroderma and Essiac had given me energy and alertness that I had not had before. It also has controlled alot of my AR pain. Praise God!

Trinidad Vaquera

*results not typical

Small Intestine Cancer

I just want you to know that I really appreciate the fact that you were kind enough to give me tea without charge, as I am very low on funds.  In return, I am trying to market the tea, and that is not difficult, to anyone interested.   Again, you both are very kind to do what you do.   Ok so my story is that the Duhaime family are members of my church, they live in CT.  The simply sent me some tea via the mail.  One day I walked outside and the box was on my porch.  I was hesitant at first, but then decided to give it a try, as George Duhaime bragged about how it worked for him.  I drank it while undergoing chemo therapy.  I was diagnosed with smallintestine cancer and after my treatment was completed, I underwent an experimental surgergy called hypec. Tests revealed that the cancer had spread to my spleen, stomach and small intestine.  The surgery revealed that the cancer was very localized in the spleen and small intestine.  The surgeon was going to infuse chemo during the surgery, but decided not to because the tumors shrunk to nothing.  He was stunned at the situation.  I also found that the tea helped me withstand the chemo much better than when I was not drinking it.  Unfortunately, due to my limited finances I stopped drinking the tea, and had a re-occurrence this past summer.  The doctors found a small tumor in my colin.   I do think the tea is miraculous and will continue to drink as much as I can.   Again, I cannot thank you and Bryan enough for your generosity.  

Lisa Pressman

*results not typical

Spine Cancer

We never had essiac tea before, but I know it helped my dad last year with the cancer on his spine. 

After my dad came home from the hospital, the week before Christmas in 2003, he was on oxy-cotin, and was in pain (They radiated his 'whole' spine). Basically, they sent him home to die. I brought him essiac and he started taking it, just to appease my sister and me. Two days after taking the essiac tea, his pain went away. His pain went away after two days, no more pills, and his cat scans were very good, the doctors were amazed. 

However my dad is a retired electrical engineer and thinks prescription drugs are the way to go, not 'voodoo' stuff. Of course, he didn't attribute getting well to the tea. I keep saying, 'God made herbs.' He stopped the essiac tea in the spring. The cancer did spread again in the summers and now he is in a cancer 'vaccine' testing. He has some at his house if he so chooses (It is hard for my parents right now, since their youngest, my brother passed away at age 34 on Sept 15). I have seen this works and with our colds and knowing what we really eat, what is contained in our milks beef, and chicken--we like the idea of purging cancer causers from our bodies. The tea we got my dad was not the 'original' essiac tea, which is why I did buy in bulk from you. Thanks for offering it to us at a great price. 

God didn't give me a gift to 'write'..but I still try.


*results not typical

Stage 2 Bladder Cancer

I am writing because I believe Essiac is the best on the market today. I have stage 2 bladder cancer, level three asbeatosis and kidney stones. I've have 173 stones since 1938! I've been through so many conventional treatments including chemo and radiation as well as the E.C.S.L. laser. Back in 2009 they doctors said I would make it 4-5 more years. Essiac has proven different. I am cancer free according to my last P.E.T. scan. And want to stay that way!

Dave Morris

*results not typical

Stage 4 Cancer

I have been Stage IV cancer into my 12th year from day one. I have used Essiac Tea for about 10 years. My doctors have been astounded. I am 70 years old and take no drugs of any kind except for 2.5 prednisone which I will stop in about 2 weeks. Folks take charge of your health. No one else can do it for you. 


Stage 4 Colorectal Cancer

As some of you know, a couple weeks ago my gastro doc prescribed a colonoscopy and also a PET-scan on my carcus - just to be sure I still had no active cancers.  The colonoscopy was negative and this morning I got the results of the PET-scan that was done yesterday morning.  The result:   "no evidence of any malignancy".  

Recall that in Oct of 07, I was diagnosed with stage IV colorectal cancer and about 10" of my lower colon was removed along with about 15 lymp nodes in that area.  Although two oncologists strongly recommended a "simultaneous agressive course of chemo and radiatiion" I opted to not go that route in favor of a more natural attack on the problem - viz: the use of essiac tea, an alkaline diet, serious prayer, etc.  

Now if only I could get this blood/sugar issue under control I'd be even more happy!  But praise the Lord for this great news today! 

Thank you all for your continued prayers.  Peace …

-Thomas J Zeitvogel

*results not typical

Stage 4 Melanoma

I have been using your tea since @ the fall of 2012...after finding the stage iv melanoma had advanced from my liver, lungs and stomach to my brain...doctors would eventually discover 98 tumors in my brain. Typically 5 tumors in brain carries a 6 week to live prognosis. Pleased to report I'm still here three years later. I can't say with clinical certainty that essaic was the thing that has kept me here but it has been part of the things I've been doing. Anyways if there is anything I can do for you please let me know. I recently started a blog called www.98braintumors.com to share my health status with family and friends as well as share my story with anyone that might need to hear it. 

Take care and thanks for making this product available!

-Leland Fay

*results not typical

Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma 

My sister Joni Duncan contacted you and Bryan and I was sent a package full of tea from your company. I only spoke with Bryan for a few moments to give him my address, so I wanted to send a personal THANK YOU to both of you.  I know you understand how difficult cancer is on its own and then the financial strain is added to the mix and things seem to just snowball.  

I am so incredibly thankful for your generous donation of tea to me while I am in the midst of this battle. I am thrilled to have the Essiac and I know it will benefit me in more ways than I can count. I have a big surgery coming up in a few days and feel much better knowing I will have the tea to aid in my recovery.  I was diagnosed in 2011 and decided to step away from traditional methods a year ago after I advanced to stage IV Metastatic Melanoma with mets to both lungs.  Since then, my health has done nothing but steadily improve and the tumors in my lungs have almost completely resolved on their own. I swear by natural methods as I have reaped the benefits again and again. I posted about your tea and your company on a private melanoma support group I am a member of. I did not mention that you sent the tea to me free of charge, I just recommended anyone looking to use Essiac should head over to your Facebook page and read about your company and all the benefits of your tea.  I have used Essiac in the past, but it was so dang expensive I had to stop. 

Y'all have the best pricing I have ever seen and your tea tastes much more pleasant than any I have ever used in the past.  Please send my thanks to Bryan as well. I will be sure to update you on my progress and send everyone your way! 

Thank you again,

Amanda Martin

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Stage 4 Stomach Cancer

I had originally ordered this for my 51 year old friend who was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer.  I have been taking the tea daily for over a year as a preventative measure.  I really feel the difference when I don't take it on a regular basis.  My friend has been doing great and her scans are showing "all clear"  the Doctors are amazed!

-Anne Subaric

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My wife has stomach cancer it was diagnosed at stage 4. She had a 3rd of her stomach removed and multiple infections and was told she would not be able to eat anymore and was on a TPN. I started giving her the tea after she started chemotherapy and she started to feel hunger. we started introducing food to her a little at a time and now she is eating normally, she go's to the gym once a day and went from 100lbs to 136lbs which is her normal weight. I don't know 100% that it is the tea but I am grateful for her improving health. I have recommended the tea to a lot of people and I also take it. As long as she improves I will be giving her the tea. 


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Terminal Cancer

A friend of ours has been taking essiac tea for years and years now. He didn't get it from your company, but I believe it is the same thing. His is the eight herb formula like you have on this site. 

My friend was at one point given less than a month to live, and that is when he tried the tea. That was in 1990 and he is still alive today. This is unbelievable to me! I have cancer and would like to try this 'miracle tea' for myself.

Earl Barrington, Tennessee 

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Terminal Cancer in Dog

Thank you! We are using it for our dog who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She seems to be doing great and we are very glad we purchased this! 

-Kathy Goodman

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I am so thankful for the samples you provided for my pup Drey last year. He made a speedy recovery after the mass was removed and adding Essiac tea in his diet. He even regained his youthful vigor, long walks, jumping on to furniture and playing fetch again. It's really wonderful.

In gratitude,

-Cristina Rivera

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Throat Cancer

Gina, I am doing fine, I am still taking it 3 times a day. My condition was that I had cancer in my throat twice. Both times the cancer was removed. 3 years after the first removal it reappeared the second removal was 6 years ago, that's when I started taking Essiac and the cancer has not reoccurred.

-William Barr

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Thyroid Cancer in Dog

We have been using Essiac Tea twice a day to treat thyroid cancer in our Black Labrador. In October, 2013 he was diagnosed with inoperable thyroid cancer and given 3 to 6 months. He is still with us. He turned 12 in May, and is just as playful and full of life as a puppy.


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Thyroid Problems

My wife has had thyroid problems since she was 15 now 65 no more thyroid problems

Thomas Daniel

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Hello to you Gina,

My wife and I are both taking the Essiac daily. The wife is taking it for breast cancer using the aggressive plus dose and I the preventative dose. Wife says that her tumors are shrinking and just some small soft spots are left. Besides that, she is also doing the Budwig quark & flax-seed oil concoction daily for breakfast, avoiding sugar, taking Beta1,3D Glucan, a high dose of vitamin D3, zinc, iodine and vitamin B12 etc. It's hard to tell what is helping her but we will continue her on the high dosage of Essiac until her condition clears up and then will continue with the maintenance dose. With me it the watery eyes and year-long having to blow my nose have gone away and the pain on my left side too. I have back problems and if I could take care it that with something natural that would be wonderful. I think that I found something that I will order to help my back and joints and that is Collagen UC-2. 

Have you got any stories from people that have cured themselves of cancer that you have not put on your website (to avoid trouble with the government) that you could share with us? We would enjoy those.

I appreciate what you do to help people with problems! I hope that your company has a very long future.

Bernard T. Orsák

We are almost out. I need to order. I hope you have been getting a few referrals from me. I loved your booklet with directions and lots of extras and so easy to prepare. The results...I am amazed. We had to wait a little bit after my sons surgery to start because of other meds. We just started him on the tea in Nov. 

The tumor has gone down half the size. We know it is the tea because we stopped all other things (even natural) other than the essiac. I also have a couple of my other kids and myself drink it for other reasons and just gave a quart to my friend who has kidney stones.

Karen Clark

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Tumor Under Arm

I ordered the tea for my sister who had a tumor under her arm.  She took the tea for several months and the tumor is gone. I ordered it for myself as I have fibrocystic breasts and recently found a tumor.  Will let you know the outcome.

-Doreen James

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Type II Diabetes

Bill and I have been drinking essiac tea for three months now (me more consistently than him, but he is getting better) and it has done wonders for my type II diabetes. I also notice a lessening of sugar cravings in general, which has allowed me to drop 10 lbs. without really thinking about it. This is good for me as I am still about 30 lbs. overweight, hopefully not for long. My test results re: the diabetes have returned to normal. I hope my husband will receive the same benefits. His diabetes was a bit worse off than mine was to begin with, and like I said he hasn't been as consistent as I have with taking his essiac tea. Now that he has seen me improve so much, though, he appears to be more motivated with his own treatment. I find that many men aren't interested in the herbal remedies but once they see them work in action they come around. I have found my breathing improve as well, is this one of the benefits of essiac tea (I am asthmatic). Please send us another of the same order we got three months ago on 11/29/05, and thank you for all of your help over the phone, etc. these past months.

Gayle and Bill T. 

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Thyroid Condition

I have a thyroid condition & my dog has cancer. I am pleased with the results of the tea!

Shelly Donohue

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