Essiac Tea Wholesale

If you are looking for an essiac wholesale supplier, you want to make sure of five things:

1. The essiac is the correct formula.
2. The quality and purity of the herbs is good and consistent.
3. The company is always stocked with a fresh supply.
4. The company is responsive to your needs as a reseller.
5. The pricing is low enough that you can make a solid profit.

How Do I Resell Essiac?

You have a few options of how to resell essiac. You can:

1. Purchase bulk bags of essiac from us, re-package it yourself however you like, and sell it in individual quantities to individuals.

2. You can purchase retail-ready, pre-packaged and labeled from us at wholesale pricing and resell it to individuals.

3. You can act as an "essiac broker" and sell either bulk essiac or retail-ready packaged essiac to health food stores, keeping a percentage for yourself. You do not need to carry any inventory to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Bottom Line

Common retail markup is 300-400% of your wholesale price.

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