Essiac tea aggressive dose is recommended if you have, or suspect that you have, cancer or another illness or disease.

Essiac tea aggressive dose is 9 oz. of tea per day. Click here to read testimonials from people who take essiac tea aggressive dose.

If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment, the suggested aggressive dose is 9-18 oz. per day. The higher recommendation is due to the fact that some of the active enzymes in the essiac may be destroyed by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. (If you DON'T suffer from any health problems right now, you need the maintenance recommendations for essiac tea: click here.)

We have chosen to use an inexpensive packaging method and to keep our overhead costs low at so that we can pass the savings along to you. This means that it will cost just $0.02 cents per ounce to drink essiac tea aggressive dose ($0.06 per dose), or $47.94 for a 3 lb. 4 oz. order of herbs. Pound-for-pound, this even beats the wholesale prices of other companies!

All orders come with essiac tea aggressive dose instructions and brewing instructions (in ounces). If you'd prefer instructions in grams, please request it when you order.

Ok, now that you know which dosage level you will need, it's time to decide whether you'd like the most economical option or the most convenient one:

If you'd like the most economical choice, order a "bulk" package. You pay less because you'll need to weigh the essiac yourself when you brew them for tea every 2 weeks: You'll need to weigh out 4 oz. (equivalent to 113 grams) of the mixture of herbs, which will prepare one gallon of tea. One gallon of essiac tea will last two weeks for a person taking the aggressive dose tea. Bulk essiac costs $14.75/lb.
Your other choice is the 4 oz. packets rather than the bulk bag. If you'd like the most convenient and easy option, order the "pre-measured" 4-oz. essiac packets. Each 4 oz. packet contains just the right amount of herbs to use when brewing a gallon of essiac tea. Pre-measured essiac costs $20.00/lb. (four 4-oz. packets = 1 lb.)

The most popular order size for those taking essiac tea aggressive dose is the 3 lb. 4 oz. order, and we recommend that size if you've never tried essiac before. Ordering at least 3 lbs. at once is the most economical option when considering shipping costs.

A 3 lb. 4 oz. order will last 6 months for one person.

Click here to order 3 lb. 4 oz. bulk essiac for $47.94

Click here to order 3 lb. 4 oz. pre-measured essiac for $65.00

While the 3 lb. 4 oz. order is the most popular size, we also offer essiac in other sizes, designed to suit specific needs.

Our 6 lb. 8 oz. order will last 12 months and is the least expensive on shipping pound-for-pound. Your essiac will stay good for at least one year if you store it in a cool, dark place.

Click here to order 6 lb. 8 oz. bulk essiac for $95.88

Click here to order 6 lb. 8 oz. pre-measured essiac for $130.00

We carry a 10 lb. order of essiac herbs for resellers and for those who share their essiac with others.

Click here to order 10 lb. bulk essiac for $147.50

Click here to order 10 lb. pre-measured essiac for $200.00

We also carry a 13.6 lb. bag in bulk and are able to discount the price when you order 4 bags or more.

Click here to order 13.6 lb. bulk essiac for $200.60, or $173.40/bag for 4 bags or more.

Our 1 lb. order is popular with those treating small cats and dogs. Or, a 1 lb. order will last one person eight weeks at aggressive treatment dose.

Click here to order 1 lb. bulk essiac for $14.75.

Click here to order 1 lb. pre-measured essiac for $20.00.

Our single 4 oz. packet is a good choice if you'd like to try essiac without making a longer commitment. A 4 oz. packet will prepare 1 gallon of tea, which will last one person 2 weeks at aggressive treatment dose, or 6 weeks at maintenance dose.*

Click here to order (1) 4 oz. packet essiac for $6.95.

*If you order four or more packets, the cost is just $5.00 per packet: Click here to order 1 lb. pre-measured essiac for $20.00.

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