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Essiac Dose for Children

The essiac dose for children is different from the dosage recommended for adults, primarily due to differences in body weight. Use this chart to find the recommended starting point for your child's dose.

These are simply our recommended doses that will be ideal for your child based on our past experiences. You may wish to give more or less essiac tea to your child according to your own research and beliefs.

Click here for info on essiac for infants and babies.

essiac dose for children
Click here to read about the possible benefits of essiac tea, which are the same for adults as for children

Essiac Dose for Children: Our Recommendations

If your child up to 15 lbs.
USE 1/2 oz. of tea per day.

If your child weighs 15-35 lbs.
USE 1/2 ounce twice per day.

If your child weighs 35-55 lbs.
USE 1 ounce twice per day.

If your child weighs 55-85 lbs.
USE 2 ounces twice per day.

If your child weighs 85 lbs. or more,
USE 3 ounces twice per day.

NOTE: Occasionally children will be susceptible to diarrhea when introduced to the essiac. The diarrhea is typically mild. However, if it is too uncomfortable feel free to reduce the dose by half until it is tolerated. After a few days, add a little more essiac until the above doses are reached. The essiac dose for children is  not an exact science, but the dose we suggest is almost always the best.

Giving Essiac Tea to your Child

You have a couple of choices for administering essiac tea to your child. Our first recommendation is to try mixing the tea with a liquid, because essiac should ideally be taken on an empty stomach. Water is great if your child isn't averse to the taste of essiac tea (if you leave the essiac tea as-is without diluting it, most likely your child will feel it is "too thick" to drink).

However, you might need to use a liquid that's more enticing to your child so that he or she will take the tea. Orange juice or v8 juice are popular choices. Many people have had success with essiac by mixing it into a food such as applesauce. The essiac will not be as effective if you do this because oncey you introduce food it is no longer considered dosing on an empty stomach. However, giving the essiac mixed with food is much better than not giving essiac to your essiac at all.

When brewing essiac tea for a child, you shouldn't brew a gallon of tea at a time (like you would for an adult). One pint or one quart will be more appropriate, as you are advised not to brew more essiac tea than you'll use in the next two weeks. Of course, if others in the house take essiac too, go ahead and brew a gallon at a time.

Click here for essiac tea brewing instructions when brewing essiac.

The Best Size to Order when ordering for a child

Click here to order the size that works for most children when you're giving essiac a try. It's a 1-lb. bag of herbs. If your child is closer to adult-size and you're sure you will use the herbs, consider ordering a larger size for the best value.

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