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Chemo and Essiac

Many folks have the question about chemo and essiac. For some, they are on chemo before the find essiac. For others, they want to start essiac while also starting chemotherapy.

chemo and essiacLearn how to take essiac while you are receiving chemo.

The good news is that chemo and essiac can go hand in hand. If you are on chemo, the essiac will not interfere with the results from that treatment. It's totally fine to add essiac tea to a chemotherapy regimen. In fact, many folks report that when they add essiac to a chemo regimen, some of the unpleasant side effects of chemo are reduced. In particular, many report that the side effects of nausea, reduced appetite, and lethargy are less bothersome.

What about looking at it the other way? Does chemo interfere with essiac? The answer is, yes it can. Chemo can reduce the effectiveness of essiac tea. However, the good news is that this is easily remedied. The solution is to increase the amount of each essiac dose while you are receiving chemo. Increase the dose from the 3 oz. per dose it is normally to 6 oz. with each dose. This will bring the effectiveness of essiac back to the usual optimal level.

Medical Practitioners and Chemo and Essiac

chemotherapy and essiacWhile you are receiving chemotherapy you will be best served to take 6 oz. of tea three times per day rather than the usual 3 oz. three times per day.

We encourage you to work with your doctor regarding all the treatments you are pursuing. It is important that your doctor is aware of what you are doing for your health. However, please be advised that most medical schools don't cover alternative products such as essiac. It's very possible that your doctor doesn't know much if anything about essiac. If your doctor doesn't know about it, they are usually going to recommend you avoid it.

Even still, we suggest mentioning that you use essiac to your doctor when he/she asks what you are putting into your body. It is harder for them to help you and guide your use of essiac when they don't know the full story. Be prepared for them to not know about it though and possibly discourage you from continuing essiac. That is common. 

We certainly want you to follow your doctor's suggestions, but at the same time it isn't their fault they don't always get the information they might need about herbs in their educational process. They are specialists in western medicine - that is their job. With that in mind, be aware that consulting an expert on alternative medicine (not us - our role is just to sell you the tea and inform you of it's historical use) might be in order if you are serious about combining alternative health products with traditional medical treatments. Licensed naturopaths, holistic doctors or functional medicine specialists can be a great resource in instances like this. Ask around until you find one who is familiar with eight herb essiac (it must be eight herb - four herb is a different product and unfortunately many of the research published in medical studies are on four herb essiac, so read carefully).

Today we are fortunate enough to have so many options for health care - be sure to pursue all avenues in the name of your health, and seek out the experts you need in order to achieve the outcome you're after!

Here is some additional information on Naturopathic Medicine. They will be equipped to answer your questions about chemo and essiac.

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