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The Essiac Looks Different!

Wondering why the essiac looks different sometimes? This article will explain.

The fact of the matter is, this tea is a 100% natural product without undergoing any unnecessary processing. Therefore, each batch can turn out differently in taste. It might even seem a bit different in consistency or smell.

Regarding the taste in particular, normally this tea tends toward bitter.

essiac looks differentLearn why real essiac tea can look different from month to month and year to year.

If the tea is too bitter for your liking, feel free to add fruit/vegetable juice, lemon, or stevia to help with the taste. The good news is that normally after a couple of days even the most bitter of batches tends to taste better as your tongue gets used to it. 

If you purchase essiac and it's NOT out! You don't have real essiac.

It's also important to note that sometimes from one season to the next the taste and/or texture changes a bit. This is normal.

By seasonal changes, we mean that some years the crop turns out different than others. If you buy an organic fruit you will usually find that they don't all look the exact same like you would with conventionally grown quite often. It's natural for an apple in 2018 to look different from one in 2019 depending on how much rain came and things of that nature. 

So it isn't the goal for the herbs to look/feel/smell the exact same each time. The goal is for us to send you an effective product time after time. We test each and every batch before sending it out. Any batch that does not meet our rigorous quality standards does not go out. 

We do not overly process this tea. If we processed it beyond what is necessary for it to do its job in the body, we would risk reducing the effectiveness. 

By overly processed, we mean that we could alter the herbs in a factory so that they look the same time after time. The problem with that is it would reduce the effectiveness. That is why we don't do it. 

As always, our priority remains providing you with the best quality tea in terms of results, even if that means the batches look and taste a bit different each time.

Rest assured, just because the essiac looks different from batch to batch doesn't mean it is bad or less effective.

essiac taste changed
Our most popular product: the 3 lb. 4 oz. essiac in THIRTEEN (13) 4 oz. sealed/labeled packets. Lasts one person for six months at aggressive use!

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