Ten Ways to Help Prevent Cancer in Cats

So many people are concerned about how to prevent cancer in cats. Cats become part of the family, and when they are sick it can have devastating emotional effects. If you have a cat, remember that prevention is the best medicine there is. Unfortunately in cats, cancer tends to be more aggressive. For starters, female cats will have a better chance of avoiding mammary cancer. It's best to spay female cats prior to their first heat cycle when possible. Furthermore, a high quality diet is very important. There is even some evidence that EPA and DHA (fatty acids) may be helpful in preventing cancer in cats. 

However, be wary of overfeeding. Because fat is part of the endocrine system, excess fat can lead to unbalanced hormones and increased inflammatory responses. Furthermore, secondhand smoke can affect the lungs in cats. To help prevent cancer in cats, be sure to avoid sources of secondhand smoke in the home..

Another issue is household and lawn chemicals. If your cat does go outdoors, it's best to keep the animal leashed so that the animal doesn't wander off into others' lawns. Avoid using pesticides and other harmful chemicals on your own lawn and in your home. 

prevent cancer in cats

To increase your pet's chances of staying healthy, try our Top 10 Tips:

1.  Make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise.

2.  Provide your cat with a healthy diet that is free of chemical additives and preservatives.

3.  Give your pet plenty of fresh water.

4.  Keep your home and your pet's environment free of second-hand smoke.

5.  Use natural cleaning products rather than abrasive and potentially toxic chemical cleaners.

6.  Avoid using pesticides and other lawn chemicals where your pet may walk or play.

7.  Keep your pet up-to-date on physical examinations.

8.  Keep your pet up-to-date on vaccinations if advised by your vet.

9.  Respond quickly when your dog, cat, or other pet displays unusual behavior, an unusual disposition, or appears to gain or lose a noticeable amount of weight.

10.  Shower your pet with love and affection.

Some pet owners choose to administer a daily supplement such as essiac tea to build the immune system and cleanse toxins from the animal's body.

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