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Essiac and Sheep Sorrel: Why the Root Matters

We use the entire sheep sorrel plant (including the root) in our formula. It's 20% root.

Essiac and Sheep sorrel ((Rumex acetosella) go hand in hand. Sheep sorrel belongs to the buckwheat family, and grows wild throughout most of the world. It seeks open pastures, rocky areas, and the shoulders of country roads. It is considered to be a common weed throughout the U.S. The herb is used in a culinary fashion in some areas. It can be used as a garnish, a flavoring agent (increases tartness) and also as a curdling agent for milk in the process of cheese-making. The herb sometimes is referred to as: sheep shower, sheep's sorrel, red sorrel, sour weed and field sorrel. 

essiac and sheep sorrel
sheep sorrel essiac tea

Essiac and Sheep Sorrel - the herb has a major role in the product's success

Sheep sorrel including the root was considered the most active herb in essiac for stimulating cellular regeneration, detoxification and cleansing based on reports by Rene Caisse and her doctor colleague Dr. Charles Brusch. The two did studies with mice bearing abnormal growths on the original eight herb formula at the Cambridge Medical Research center a couple of decades ago. This herb is one of the four original herbs in the first form of essiac years ago. It was retained in the new and improved eight herb formula that was developed by Rene Caisse and Dr. Charles Brusch.

A side benefit is that the herb contains significant levels of phytoestrogens similar to the isoflavone phytoestrogens common to red clover, licorice and soy. These phytoestrogens are known for their health promoting properties. It is important to note that phytoestrogens don't necessarily work the same way when a formula is taken as in essiac tea. When an herb is taken alone, the properties of that herb tend to shine. However, when part of an herbal blend, the combination of herbs can have a much different effect. For that reason, having some of the estrogen-linked cancers such as breast cancer isn't necessarily a reason to stay away from any formula containing herbs with phytoestrogens. In fact, many of our testimonials are for cancers just like this. You can look through the testimonials, which are listed in alphabetical order by condition.

Sheep sorrel has no known side effects in the doses recommended for eight herb essiac tea.

Our formula contains the root, which is not the case for many essiac formulas. Without the root, the formula may not be as effective. Our formula contains the entire plant which is 20% root.

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Essiac tea takes just 10 minutes to prepare once every two weeks. It costs less than 75 cents per day to use.

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