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Essiac and Red Clover: The Facts

What you need to know about the isoflavones found in red clover and estrogen

It's important that you understand more about essiac and red clover before you make a decision on whether or not to try essiac tea if you have an estrogen dependent cancer.

The first thing you need to know is that Rene Caisse first used her essiac tea formula on breast cancer patients. The success was so great that the efficacy of essiac on that type of cancer was firmly established. Go here to read more about the research.

Red clover is one of the herbs in essiac tea. It also just so happens to be a rich source of isoflavones. Why are isoflavones important?

According to Gregory Burke, MD, Isoflavones are compounds that mimic the beneficial effects of estrogen with less risks. This is because estrogen-replacement therapy raises the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, but isoflavones found in the diet such as those found in soy do not. 

Dr. Burke is the professor and director of public health sciences at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

In addition, here is an article from the Mayo Clinic mentioning how isoflavones in food such as soy are not sufficient to cause breast cancer, and in fact a lifelong diet including such foods actually reduces breast cancer: Read the article from the Mayo Clinic by clicking here (Red clover is an herb, which is considered a food). You can also read this study showing that soy isoflavones are protective against cancer.1

In eight herb Essiac formula, the concentration of Genistein which is the phytochemical in Red Clover inhibits the estrogen receptors in tumors. This makes the endogenous estrogen unable to compete with said receptors and make them grow.

essiac and red cloverThe Red Clover in essiac is a very small amount but it's critical to the efficacy of the formula.

Essiac and Red Clover: What We Have Seen.

Since we are not doctors ourselves, we have included the information from doctors above. Beyond that, all we can do is share with you the results we have seen and continue to see from those taking essiac. Year after year breast cancer survivors reach out to us telling us that they are in remission, that their numbers are improving, and that they are feeling so much better! Click here to read some of those testimonials. We hear, if anything, even more good reports from those with estrogen-dependent cancers than from those with other types. We cover all conditions with our Money-Back Guarantee that your health will improve when taking this product for at least six months. This includes of course all estrogen-based cancers.

Essiac and Red Clover: What Would Happen if We Took the Red Clover Out of the Formula.

essiac red cloverRemoving red clover from the formula would be the worst thing we could do for efficacy of this tea - and it's not necessary.

The big problem with taking red clover out is that herbs in essiac tea work in a synergistic manner. In other words, when the herbs in essiac are taken together in the specific ratio, they have a different effect than they would have if they were taken one herb at a time (It’s similar to how the ingredients in a cake don’t necessarily taste good on their own, but when you mix them together in a specific ratio and bake it - well then, you have something special!) If you take out even one ingredient of essiac, you no longer have a good outcome.

The Bottom Line.

We would never sell essiac without red clover because it simply wouldn’t work the same way. We refuse to take your money if we know the results won’t be there. As with all illnesses, we back our essiac formula with our Money-Back Guarantee for anyone who has an estrogen-based cancer.

We hope this information helped clarify the issues surrounding red clover and essiac. If you have additional questions about essiac and red clover feel free to contact us.

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1 Intake of Soy, Soy Isoflavones and Soy Protein and Risk of Cancer Incidence and Mortality. Yahui Fan, Wang M., Li Z. et al. Front Nutr. 2022; 9: 847421. doi: 10.3389/fnut.2022.847421

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